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Sunday October 28, 2007
Vol. 42 - No 22
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Feng Shui for business premises

By S.B.S.Surendran, Master Feng Shui consultant, and Traditional Vaastu Practitioner

Feng Shui lays down certain essential and practical guidelines that enable you to select good property whose "chi" (energy) is not afflicted and the luck not blocked by harmful structures and contains vibrant yang energy.

Feng Shui in short enables you to custom design your "luck" and makes you move towards your aspirations by fine-tuning the "chi" around you and harmonize and balance it. This could be in the form of proper interior design for a office space, layout of rooms and seating positions, colors, orientation of main door, décor, positioning of the name boards, orienting the toilet and pantry areas and even the blinds on the windows.

From a Feng Shui perspective we can discern various kinds of property some which possess intrinsic good energy and fortunes, which benefits everyone's life. There are certain areas and neighbourhoods, which tend to have better Feng Shui and prosperity than other neighbourhoods.

The effect of surroundings its effect and the layout or planning of the locality is the key to this kind of prosperity. Hence a analysis of the building in which you plan to house your dream business, its neighborhood, history of the building and the magnetic field within the building contribute a lot towards the growth of the business.

For centuries people in the East have relied on Feng Shui to design cities, homes, corporate business houses, restaurants and hospitals. Today in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore and many other cities where there is a large Chinese population, Feng Shui are a part of everyday living. The business community consults Feng Shui masters in choosing offices and business locations.

To the early Chinese, wind and water were important. Gentle winds meant good harvests and healthy livestocks. Springs and rivers provide food and ensure survival of a settlement against drought. On the contrary harsh winds destroy crops, stagnant water causes diseases, and wild water is a poor source of food. In other words: Energy that moves is nourishing; Energy that is stagnant is destructive.

The orientation and layout of your office space can have a major impact on your career, personal relationships, health and wealth. Following the basic rules of Feng Shui can greatly enhance your lifestyle, ignoring its principles can similarly bring bad energy, stagnation and building up of obstacles.

Yet for many who have simply followed their intuition and not followed any specific science things continue to move ahead smoothly but even they come to a phase where they realize that things are not shaping up as desired. Many would even attribute it to the slowing down of the market conditions and business competition but when Feng Shui is adapted it could be as simple as “unplugging the wrong cord’ in terms of decor or layout to bring in a positive change.

You always get to know and feel when you have entered a comfortable place. Regardless of the period and style, there is a sense of harmony and purity that nourishes both body and soul when you step into some business offices.

All of us need a sense of support and connection in our office space. An office room should support the individual and inspire him to bring out the best. A good room, which is supporting, pleasing and making the occupant feel comfortable contributes to the overall growth of the business and the individual too. Feng Shui in a way contributes towards this goal.

When the building’s energies match our body's energy, it lets us feel comfortable-there's a sense of security and confidence. Our body responds and contains energy or "chi" that is sensitive to our surroundings. Likewise, a building's form, structure and interior layout reflect the energies that it embodies.Striking a balance of colours, stimuli and furnishings in terms of floor colours, wall décor, placement of furniture at the foyer, organizing the reception desk to invite a positive flow of business form the essential part of Feng Shui design and décor for a good office space. In addition to this having the right kind of lighting enhances the flow of ‘chi’ energy in and around the work place and brings in the feel of team spirit, confidence and happiness amongst the employees which culminates into good business for the organization.



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