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Sunday October 7, 2007
Vol. 42 - No 19
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Feng shui for business management

By S.B. S.Surendran, Master Fengshui Consultant and Traditional Vaastu Practitioner

Many of Asia’s business tycoons and CEO’s have adapted the ancient science of Feng Shui to strengthen their business activities. Most often, organizations may be doing well in terms of business turnover but areas like team work, staff morale, employee turnover and frequent setbacks in health of the work force indicate that there is for sure some energy blockage and this obstacle needs to be cleared intelligently and innovatively lest the office décor does not get affected.

The proper orientation of the office door, balanced interior décor, placement of rooms and desks in the work area along with use of essential symbolism generates the required “yang Chi’ to bring about a vital change in the feel and overall harmony of a office space.

Creating good Feng Shui in the important areas of the office is sure to have a strong impact on the prosperity of the company. Incorporating Feng Shui design and elements in laying out office space will ensure that costly and common mistakes that lead to unpleasant situations, decline in sales, disgruntled staff and employee turnover can be avoided. The prime focus areas would be the main door, entrance, offices of the executives, marketing, conference and CEO’s rooms.

At the entrance install warm lighting and avoid glaring fluorescent lighting, have a balanced lighting. Ensure a direct view of the entrance and avoid positioning staff and work force with their back to the entrance of an office.

If the squabble amongst employees exists and the situation is tense Feng Shui recommends increase of the fire element ‘chi’ in the appropriate sector by adding a décor in red or painting the wall red or just increasing the brightness of that area with light energy. Placing a large quartz crystal boulder or a figurine of Rooster, which is said to “peck away” office politicking is also a symbolic cure.

Worker absenteeism and employee turnover have been major concerns in many offices. Placing a picture of a mountainscape at the appropriate sector and a large crystal geode will help in curbing such situations. Yang sound energy in the form of piped music has also been found to be effective in countering feeling of sickness and stale or stagnant ‘chi’ in a work place.

Some of the other essential tips for a workplace would be:-

• Avoid heavy electric and photocopy machines close to the main door as the heat near the main door causes the ‘chi’ to disperse.
• Avoid placing empty vases next to the main door creating a sign of emptiness and vacuum.
• Cactus and Bonsai area are taboo at the workplace but luscious green plants are considered good.
• Ensure you do not sit with a window behind you; cover it with blinds if there is a window. Or you can use thick curtains.
• Placing motifs or painting of horses especially at South sector symbolizes ‘yang chi’ and ushers in good reputation especially near the lobby.

The feel of a prosperous office with work force that are exuberant contributes towards achieving higher business success and turn over. Feng Shui can be used as a “tool” to activate the overall feel of the office to generate this type of Chi.

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