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Sunday October 7, 2007
Vol. 42 - No 19
Financial Times  

Time to assess risks

The Young Analyst Owl (YAO) searching the archives found a risk grid of the jungle, compiled once upon a time by a jungle Chamber. From a web search, the YAO extracted an appropriate methodology - ‘Report on the Accomplishments of the Commission on Risk Assessment and Risk Management’.

The methodology involved the Engagement of Stakeholders, to identify Problems/Contexts, next to Assess associated Risks ( benchmarking for probability and severity), recognize available Options, agree the best judgment Decisions and associated Action Plans, and on a regular basis carry out evaluations.

YAO flew up to the Wise Old Owl (WOO) and asked whether it was an appropriate time to assess risks of the jungle? WOO endorsed the need, with a priority ranking - essential and immediate, stressing the importance of Engagement of Stakeholders (not only ‘yes’ men in key positions) annually, with half yearly updates.

The stakeholders of the jungle, follow the set methodology and identifies the following risks as falling within the High/High quadrant of the Risk Grid, recognizing both Probability and Severity of the Risks;

Deteriorating Societal Values and Norms of the jungle
This impairs the value system and impacts heavily on the animal community, especially the young, elderly and females The efforts made by preacher and teacher animals have been negated by consistent adverse public behaviours of leader animals and those animals vested with the power, wealth and knowledge in the kingdom. They are made role models and heroes (not villains) by the Media and the “Support Karaya” animals

Mismanagement of the Macro Economy and Bad Governance

Short term priorities, discarding accepted norms of good governance in favour of political priorities, excessive desire to please the “King and Court” irrespective of long term implications of the decisions, coupled with arrogance, and intellectual dishonesty of the animals in governance, especially in the Treasury and Central Bank, raises the probability and severity of this risk.

Leadership lacuna
The electoral process and resource requirements for successful leadership elections appear to provide a dominant advantage to self seeking jackals and foxes that place self and party interests before that of the nation.

International isolation and negative goodwill
Animal (human) rights violations, discarding internationally accepted covenants and conventions coupled with arrogant and ill equipped foreign relations policies and practices of the jungle have led to international ill will and isolation

Magical Influences on Judicial Systems
A crafty fox has taken hold of the scales of justice and is able through creative skills of argument and presentation to totally influence the magical swaying of the scales in any direction of choice. These influences even guide the foxes that advise on developing the framework of justice and implement the justice systems resulting in the quality of outcomes being filled with uncertainty, unfairness and non dependable.

Breakdown of Law and Order
The rats of the jungle endowed with the responsibility for law and order is led by the king bandicoot, who talks of the strength in numbers, resource endowments to handle any crisis and the effective administration on a straight and narrow path. However, implementation falls far short of the announced path. Dictates of animals with vested power, gun tooting and narcotic baron hyenas and their slithering reptile network partners, decide the efficacy of the law with consequential lack of protection from lawlessness

Dragon of Corruption
The dragon of corruption is marauding jungle animals at will and impacts the animals far more seriously than ever before, with none daring to take the role of a dragon killer.

Misaligned Priorities for Infrastructure Investments
Investment priories are designed to suit leadership fancies and not long term visionary delivery of effective services to the animals assuring their growth and prosperity

Loss of Competitiveness
High inflation, macro instability, depreciating rupee, high taxation, ineffective national infrastructure and added costs of poor governance and corruption are impacting business animals, especially those engaged in exports

Difficulties of Doing Business
An inconsistent and inflexible policy regime, the impact of nepotism, cronyism, corruption, poor governance, ineffective legal systems and the lack of skilled human resources makes the jungle an unattractive destination for investment and trade.

Inconsistent Education and Skill Development Policies
Archaic education and skills development policies and practices impact hunting efficiency, risk management, survival, growth and attractiveness of the jungle.

Lack of Role Model Communications
A jungle nation promoting single minded communications led by role model visionary leaderships is essential to unite rather than divide the jungle and to seek unity of action in marching towards the long term goals.

WOO commends YAO and asks the jungle chamber to lead this to its next logical steps, recollecting the adage of Sun Tzu - The art of war: "Knowing the enemy enables you to take the offensive”


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