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Sunday, May 06, 2007
Vol. 41 - No 49
TV Times  

Sounds of the millennium not 60s and 70s

Can any member representing any of the vocal harmony groups of the 60s/70s be advertised as the name of any such group??? If the answer is yes! Then it is o.k. - if not, then, this is sheer deceit, because what we are hearing is not what it should be.

Gone Gone Gone are the unique sounds produced by acoustic guitars - congo drums, maracas - good vocal harmony, which was the hall mark of good music, music of the highest standard.

Today, what one hears is, the sounds of the millennium - The backing of a modern day band, recorded with the best modern day technology, backing the old veterans of that golden era, so, how come this be the sounds of the 60s/70s ??? No modern day band, or group, can ever be compared with those of the calibre of 'Los Cabeleros', 'La-Bambas', 'Los Flemengos',-'Migos Romanticas', 'Los Muchachos', 'La-Ceylonians', 'Buzzing Bees', 'Moonstones', and many others, of that golden era - So please, do not kill the original talents of those legends who did it in their own original styles.

Music lovers of the above groups of the 60s....

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