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Sunday, May 06, 2007
Vol. 41 - No 49
TV Times  

Gauthami has lost its momentum!

Rita Perera of Dehiwala writes...

Mrs. Nalini de Livera's comments in the T.V. Times Entertainment Guide of 8-14 April, especially about the teledrama Gauthami, are very apt.

The early episodes of this teledrama, which started with plenty of hype, were reasonably good, with well known and experienced actors and actresses making up for any deficiencies in the script and plot. The key role, of Gauthami was in its early stages played by an excellent actress, who made the title role plausible. But alas, it has now degenerated into a farce with a host of new 'actors' and 'actresses', who don't even deserve such a appellation! Is it a ploy to provide them with employment and exposure on this popular T.V. Channel?

The latest twists of this tele-drama, as it plods on, through 340 episodes, (up to now) are so far fetched, it is an insult to the average viewer. All sorts of devices depicting every type of criminal violence as well as mental and physical disability, from blindness to extreme loss of memory… even facial disorders are employed by a never ending stream of extranous characters, who bear little or no relevance to the original story line…if ever there was one!

One laughable aspect, is that in Gauthami, the actresses playing the main roles, even in the most dire straits they find themselves in, are all made-up and dressed to the nines…complete with shoulder-length, dangling designer earrings!

It's high time that this series on Swarnavahini, which was introduced with so much hype and continues to occupy a prime slot, five days a week, was replaced with another programme that doesn't strain the credibility gap of viewers to such a great extent!

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