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Sunday, May 06, 2007
Vol. 41 - No 49
TV Times  

Spare a thought for the underprivileged

Nalini de livera of Negombo writes...

I thought expressing my views over this matter. H's quite disgusting. The privileged do not care two pence about the under privileged. These days we view in every channel telecasting of the new year celebration. Simply nothing much of the Easter we feel annoyed a bit.

My mind then goes silently towards the down trodden who are in refugee camps without their basic facilities, no proper roof over their heads. It's worst owing to the rain. From the tsunami time some are undergoing this suffering and struggling. Some who faced the claymore bombs, road mishaps, lost their kith and kin or the breadwinner or parents no solace just suffering lonely. During the New Year we must celebrate, but without selecting this. "Avurudu Kumari, Kumara" if we could provide something for these poor relatives of ours. The television channels and the media must put their best foot forward and be the good Samaritans.

It will be an immense strength for them undoubtedly and also about our soldiers who battle for the safety of us. There is no response.

All the peace loving people must think over this matter, the heads of the Buddhists, Catholic faith can do wonders. I trust and pray. The politicians without any hue and colour please oblige, give them confidence and faith just like to the cricketers. When we cheer. Since the conflict going on we must face the expenditure. The cost of living is sky rocketing. Here we will have a difficult time. If I remember right it was our former Prime Minister late Sirimavo Bandaranaike who restricted all the parties such as weddings to a maximum of 150 invitees. Hope even the present government follow this wise idea quickly. Let us hope it will give us an example. It will be a patriotic act.

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