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Sunday, May 06, 2007
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Labai Apple; a fruitful effort

Commencing from May 8, "Labi Apple" is a minplay depicting the downfall of the traditional wealthy families. Based on Thushari Abeysekera's novel on the same title the teledrama is directed by Sanjaya Gunawardena.

Made in to fifty episodes of each full 23 minutes it telecast every Tuesday at 9 pm on Swarnavahini channel. Thara Manjari Bandara is the youngest daughter of Henry Trugal Bandara of Irugal Bandara Walauwa in Kandy. She lives on her ancestral property while boasting about the pedigree of Irugal Bandara. Henry's youngest sister, Thara's aunt lives separately. She was expelled from the family for marrying a Tamil and bringing disgrace to the family.

Fedric Gardiyawasam is a businessman from the South. Lasantha and Kemiya are his two sons. Fedric is not in good terms with the Irugai Bandara brothers for they have insulted his birth and family background.

But Thara and Kemiya are lovers. This was against the strong opposition by the elders of both the families. Determined to separate them Kemiya's brother and the father arrange a trick and as a result Kemiya leaves Thara. By now Thara is pregnant from Kemiya.

Hearing this Henry commits suicide by hanging himself. Enraged by this Henry's brother, Alfred kills Fedric. Disheartened by this Thara goes to his estranged aunt. On her advice Thara leaves home and comes to Colombo. She is advised to meet Margret but she misses her instead meets Rohini who lives in a congested flat.

Living a life of poverty Thara is faced with the realities of life. Waiting to give birth to a child from her former lover, Thara faces with many a hardship. However Vishwa, a young man living in the same flats decides to look after her. But Vishwa who works as a bodyguard of a politician looses his job due to a conflict.

What would be the future of Thara? Would Kemiya ever realises what he did? As the teledrama unfolds many a dramatic turns to take place. Veena Jayakody, Nissanka Diddeniya, Devika Mihirani, Dananjaya Siriwardena, Oshadi Dias, Richard Weerakkody, Nadhi Chandrasekara, Anula Karunathilake, W Jayasiri, Ananda Wickramage, Pradeep Senanayake, Manike Attanakaye, Geetha Kanthi Jayakody and Shan Bandu Weerasinghe.

The crew behind the screen include G. Nandasena as the cameraman, Chamika Pugolagoga as the art director, Elmo Hailiday as the editor and make up Sanjay Nipunarachchi. The music is directed by Sangeeth Wickremasinghe. To a script by Sunanda Silva, Sanjaya Gunawardena directed the teledrama.

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