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Sunday, May 06, 2007
Vol. 41 - No 49

Odds and Ends

More DIG promotions soon

There is good news for those aspiring to go up in the Police Department, for, in addition to the ten SSPs promoted to the rank of DIG in February, there will be another round of promotions to the same rank by early next year to fill the vacancies created by the retirement of nearly ten DIGs by October/November this year.

Among those scheduled to retire is a DIG, who recently figured in an airport drama involving a smuggler. The man is now about to be served a charge sheet and if found guilty, he may have to retire without his pension and other perks.

Grand illusions encouraged

Merv the Foul Mouth has done it again meddling in the affairs of the prime city. At least one man - he may be a cardboard Castro - had the guts not to show up when city fathers were summoned for a meeting to see the progress of the premier city last week. Our cardboard Castro had not stopped at that but had taken up the matter with those that matter as to what business the big mouth had to poke his nose into the affairs of the city.

Man who polled the lowest number of votes in the city and now doing a scavenging contract Kelani way is certainly labouring under grand illusions encouraged by powers that be.

Into wilderness

A top wildlife man has decided to go voluntarily into retirement next week instead of seeking a further extension of one year. A little bird whispers it had all to do with a scam in the Department, over a failed controversial project undertaken with ADB assistance to eradicate an invasive plant. One big slip is enough even to bring down a giant.

New underworld boss

With the killing of underworld boss Prins Column last weekend, the next in line to claim the underworld kingship is said to be a MMC with strong political backing.

The man is even said to own property in London. Like many other modern day underworld bosses his family too is abroad.The latest killing and many other recent hits against crime bosses has however resulted in many surviving strongmen going underground.

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