Odds and Ends

Ordered to go!

He was tasked with mapping out all the strategy for a Ministry that in itself is playing a strategic role in day to day affairs in Sri Lanka.But the man was in for a rude shock when marching orders came.

He was told to shift office lock, stock and barrel. When it came to shifting the office refrigerator to another location, help of the peons was sought. One of them asked ‘where are you going, sir.’ The reply ‘that's a secret.’And now, insiders say, the man has left the shores of Lanka. The reason - to study in a foreign country, this country's ethnic conflict and violence.

Slur campaign

A highly decorated officer in a service arm has become the target of a vicious campaign. If the man has been responsible for a number of achievements in counter-terrorist operations and won a top slot, he has become the object of a hate campaign.

They are accusing him, of all things, of being a terrorist sympathiser. Top officials have now found that at the bottom of this campaign is a man who is known for his harsh ways. They say he wants to get into the top slot. What a way to betray a friend and colleague !!

Can’t disagree

“You should be prepared for the unexpected. Erratic driving and bad road conditions contribute to frequent traffic accidents. Buses are generally badly maintained and bus drivers often have little or no training.” This is part of the British Government’s travel advice, contained in the section dealing with road safety, for its citizens travelling to Sri Lanka. At least on this count we cannot disagree with our old colonial rulers.

Phone bills!!

The Foreign Employment Bureau chief has run up a mobile telephone bill of Rs. 66, 080.95 for March this year. Of this amount, Rs. 51,020.74 is for international roaming calls while other call charges amount to Rs.12,123.20. There is no distinguishing between official and private calls so the whole bill is settled at State expense.One can imagine the millions of rupees the State is spending each month only to settle the telephone bills of its high flying officials.

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