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Please bring back the X-files on Mondays
M. Ranasinghe, N. Siriwardana and T. Amarathunga of Gampaha write...

As some fans wrote to the Readers' Corner last week, we are also not satisfied with the new schedule of ITN which started from November 17.

lt was just wasting time by clashing two teledramas. ITN must try to be more fair and flexible on this issue, because we do not want to lose any episodes of 'The X-Files' or to clash with other members of our family.

Everybody wants to watch 'Sathpura Wesiyo' also at 8.00 pm on Sundays. Everyone including little children watch this show but some times 'The X Files' contains low and medium level crime scenes, fights, frightening scenes plus others that can mentally effect small children.

Because of this, sometimes we also have to miss some parts of the show on Sundays or have to give in for other programmes. So please be more responsible about this. This is not a personal request, but for thousands of fans around the country.

So the ideal time for X-Files is on Mondays at 10.00pm

Improve this weak Signals
W.C. Dayaratne of Matugama writes....

We are very sad to experience a severe drop in signals of Dynavision, Sirasa and MTV, as for that matter, except for Rupavahini and ITN the others too are shedding it on and off.

This cannot certainly be due to any ionic disturbance in space. It looks more like the effect of the increased, charges on electricity recently?

The loss is felt very much in the outstations.

We sadly miss all the entertainment Dynavision gave, it is almost totally lost to us. Sirasa was always weak but tolarable. Since a couple of weeks, we cannot even see the news telecast. TV and specially Shree Channels were some compensation for the talks in general, who too are worried about the increases on their daily budgets.

Now we have lost even the little entertainment we had. Sirasa and MTV are worse now.

Please don't do this to us. Dynavision, Sirasa and MTV please come back to us, we liked you very much.

TV Times! Thank you very much, if not for your magazine The TV viewers will be at a loss. You are doing a great service by helping us, at least to make an attempt to let the people concerned to know our plight.

Bouquet for SLRC
D. Maheswaren of Colombo 15 writes........

It is indeed my duty as a sports lover to convey my heartfelt thanks to SLRC for telecasting the live coverage of the 14th Asian Games From Busan, South Korea recently.

Although our athletes didn't perform to the best of their abilities, some way or the other managed to grab four medals which included two golds. As expected Susanthika and Dharsha didn't disappoint us with their laudable performances, but off the track we expected several medals in Kabbadi, Rugger, Boxing etc their dismal performances didn't enable them to win any medals as expected.

As far as the track events are concerned we had much hope in our 4x400 m relay event, but according to my knowledge I firmly believe we lost it due to many reasons.

If we analize the whole event we see many fundamental errors made by our athletes. These errors were the primary reasons for the downfall. Apart from these I think this particular event has its own errors as well. It was quite evident if one scrutinizes the last baton change with Sugath we saw a lot of physical collisions between the athletes in the baton change area. Some atheletes purposely do this as a winning tactic. So I think International Olympic Committee should take steps to combat these unruly attitudes of the athletes.

Again, a big thank you to Rupavahini for the great job done. I hope they will continue with lots of sports coverage in the future.

Do We Need A Powerless org..???
Noel Brian Ranasinghe of Colombo writes.....

If composers are refused any help and protection to their property rights and ordered to go it alone to protect and defend their own 'works' in a court of law, then we need not have an intellectual property organisation which is powerless to act on behalf of the creators of music.

We, composers of music, need not be ordered to look offer our own "rights" by an organisiation which administers the main" Copyright Treaty" and offers no help at all to the creators of music. It's an utter wastage of money by the State who helps such officials to survive doing nothing at all to help and defend the composers and it will save the State unwanted expenses by closing down such an organisation which is a burden to the government and an utter disappointment to the creators of music who suffer in silence. The State does owe us a duty of care, as they have signed and ratified the main Copyright Treaty, which N.I.P.O. has failed to comply - so what good purpose does it serve to have such an organisation?

A Photographic Essay
An exhibition of photographs by Martin Pieris an Australian photographer based in Sydney, Australia will be held at the Artrium of the Lanka Oberoi from December 20 to 23.

This work started in 2001 to record the images and stories of individuals in Sri Lanka and will eventually be published in a book form depicting "A Sri Lankan Story".

The exhibition is sponsored by The Lanka Oberoi and will be ceremonially opened by Dr. Lester James Peires, the international award-winning director of Sri Lankan Cinema.

Martin Pieris is Sri Lankan born and has lived in Australia since 1972. He is a lecturer in Fine Art - Photomedia, at the University of Newcastle, north of Sydney and has been a professional photographer and teacher since the mid-seventies. Martin studied photography at the Canberra Institute of Technical and Further Education in the seventies and took up a position at the Canberra Institute of Arts, Australian National University in 198I. He resigned this position in 1988 to purchase a commercial photographic studio and worked as a commercial, advertising and fashion photographer in both Canberra and Sydney until 1997. With an intention of getting back into teaching, he studied Adult Education at the University of Technology, Sydney. He was appointed as a lecturer in Design Photography at the University of Newcastle in 2000 and has subsequently moved into the Faculty of Fine Art at the same university.

Martin identifies himself as an "Environmental Portraitist" and his love for this type of visual imagery has led him to the "Sri Lankans" project, to photograph and to document the stories of individuals who have made an impact to Sri Lankan society from a cultural and social perspective.

This exhibition is an incomplete body of work and is, as the title suggests "Work in Progress" and Martin hopes that this showing will bring forth recommendations of others who should be included in the final book.

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