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26th August 2001

Old fox surveys the scene from beyond

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My Dear Loku Akka,

I thought of writing to you when I heard that people were referring to you as my elder sister after your recent attempts to 'protect' democracy by shutting down Parliament and then calling for undated letters of resignation from some of your ministers and their deputies.

Watching you from where I am, Loku Akka, I am indeed proud that there is at least one person who is keeping my legacy alive. And what makes me even more happy is the fact that that person is you who called my masterpiece a 'bahubootha viyawasthaava' and promised to tear it up at the first given opportunity.

Now that you are in power and enjoy all the privileges conferred on you by this 'viyawasthaava' you will appreciate why I didn't want it changed. Despite all your tactics of a referendum, I am sure that you will not do away with the Presidency until your two full terms of office are over and there is still some time for that, isn't it?

Anyway, Loku Akka, even though I must confess that I am impressed with the way you have handled matters upto now, I feel that there is still room for some improvement in what you can do to 'protect' democracy.

For instance, you could have taken away the civic rights of my nephew after appointing some commission which could have found him guilty of some offence. Surely, after what I did to your mother, you must know that anything is possible! I do know that this is what you tried to do with Batalanda, but it didn't quite work out, did it?

Then Loku Akka, I think you are not dealing with your ministers in the way you should and as a result, they are getting away with almost anything. After all, that Seeni Bola chap has all but called you a liar, hasn't he?

Do you remember how I dealt with Cyril? He was trying to be too smart and he was sacked. That way, it also helps to keep the others in their places and I think this is what you should do with Seeni Bola too.

But of course, Loku Akka, you should be careful enough not to antagonize the Thondas and the Raufs. In my dozen years I never did that and I lived to tell the tale which is why I think you made a mistake by sacking Rauf in the first place a mistake for which you are paying dearly now.

I also think you should go ahead with the referendum. After you win that, you can always claim as I did thaat you have a fresh mandate and then do whatever you want. And, now that Seeni Bola appears to be a doubtful supporter, if you need any help on how to win the referendum, you can always ask Ronnie and Amunu they were with us at that time and they should know all the tricks in the trade.

Of course, Loku Akka, I must confess that I would have been happier if my nephew instead of you learned my tricks and outwitted you, but even then I am proud that someone appreciates my work!

Yours truly,

Junius R.

PS- I remember saying once that the only thing I couldn't do was to turn a man into a woman. But now you, being a lady, have done what I as a man could not do and I am happy about that too. I do know that when I left, people were blaming me and calling me a dictator. Now I am almost certain that by the time you leave, people will be saying what a good man I was!

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