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26th August 2001
By Alia
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Countering infiltrators
Jail Guard is the code name the LTTE has assigned to a new group tasked to deal with infiltrators to areas dominated by them, particularly in the Wanni.

This is after security forces long range reconnaissance patrols attacked some targets including a couple of LTTE VIPs.

Talking point
A secret report from Ottawa, Canada, to the Directorate of Foreign Intelligence (DFI) is the talking point in defence circles.

First is a warning that the LTTE is planning to attack foreign ships coming to Colombo from Burma. Why only Burma is not clear.

The report also cites the August 17 issue of the Jaffna based "Uthayan" newspaper, to warn that Tiger guerrillas are planning attacks to seize the Jaffna town.

Has our James Bond in Ottawa waited for the "Uthayan" from Jaffna to arrive in Ottawa to warn Colombo about LTTE plans ?

One is reminded of Inspector Cleauseau of French fame. 

It is he who said "whoever threw a stone is only a stone's throw away !!"

Order under scrutiny
Coming up for scru- tiny before a Court of Inquiry headed by Air Force Chief of Staff, Air Vice Marshal Donald Perera, is a document titled "Air Staff Order."

It is mandatory for SLAF pilots to sign this document every month to signify they acknowledge its contents and will adhere to it.

Among the provisions is a reference to air shows or (aerobatic displays). It can be carried out for independence day celebrations and events connected with the tri-services. That too with the express approval of the Ministry of Defence. For other occasions, express approval is required from the Commander-in- Chief who is the President, according to Air Staff Orders.

Who then gave permission for the Ukrainian pilots to carry out aerobatic practice displays from the SLAF base in Katunayake.

One Ukrainian pilot died and a Russian built Mig-27 ground attack aircraft was destroyed in this incident.

The Court's report is sure to bring out some interesting revelations.

Spying out the land
If the Katunayake in- cidents last month has put paid to tourist arrivals, that has not stopped some visitors from heading for Colombo.

These are top rungers from spy agencies of European governments. They are flying into make their own surveys on the safety of their diplomatic missions and to make assessments on the security situation in the country.

One such top runger's itinerary in Colombo included meetings with several civilians from the north, not farmers, but those who really matter. 

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