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29th October 2000
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The 100 word page on "GIFTS" appears this week. The theme for the next page is "SCAR". Please send in your contributions before the 17th of November to:Madhubashini Ratnayake, C/o The Sunday Times, W.A.D. Ramanayake Mw., Colombo. 

Walk deep 

You find me bare
I have nothing to give 
To hold you to me.
Walk deep into my self,
Through my stillness
Through the silence I don't know how to break.
Walk deep into all that I am
Into all I don't know how to give.
Once you find me deep in myself
And I find you in me,
You will find the gifts
Everything that I am
Everything I wait to give
Not knowing how.

Ama Yashodhara Dissanaike


Once I met a poet,
I asked him
How to write and
become famous
He smiled
and said
Take a sheet of paper 
ad scribble down your thoughts
I felt happy
But, tried my best and failed
I complained to him
another smile
I felt uncomfortable
I asked him
How do you get thoughts?
He replied
That's a gift.

Sylmiya M. Inoon

Timeo Danoas et dona ferentes 

(I fear the Greeks when they offer gifts)

Because Troy resisted, the besieging Greeks resorted to stratagem, constructed an enormous wooden horse- (ostensibly an offering to Goddess Minerva) - and filled it with soldiers; then retreated in boats to a nearby island.

The Trojans concluded the enemy had left, celebrated wildly and dragged the horse triumphantly into the town.

But while they slept overcome with feasting, a traitor released the soldiers and opened the citygates for the Greeks, who killed all citizens and destroyed Troy by fire.

Moral: Beware of Wooden Horse and Maidens Offering Garlands.
Anne Ranasinghe 

Exchange of Gifts

It's no skin off my back really,
He only wants so little
In exchange for all the gifts 
A bag of rice, 50 coconuts,
A saree for Amma,
sarong for Thaththa
Goodies for my siblings,
For me, it will be jewelry 
adding to my dowry;
Bracelet, chain, what would it be?
A band of gold for my finger
I'll never see.
Unconditional love
Is what I can give
it tears the skin off my heart

Priyeni Mcleod

The Most Precious Gift You Gave 

In hysterics,
I counted again,
Fourteen items in number.
The wall-hanging,
The friendship-band,
The pink brimmed hat,
Two new year cards,
Two birthday cards,
Two CD's, four novels,
And the silver pendant,
I packed and returned,
All of them.
Yes! I was satisfied.
I returned everything.
Though....... did I?
Now I'm not so sure.
In healing light,
I realise I've kept,
The most precious gift of all,
To cherish day and night,
To linger on and on,
Sweet, sweet memories,
Of you and me..................

Muthu Lee


One day I was seated on the doorstep 
Waiting for my father to come home 
He came home with the sunset
and brought me a tiny little gift.
It was just a plastic cup
The colour was red, handle turned up
I was happy, so very happy.
But that is all I remember of it
It was twenty six years ago
I have received so many things since
But this little cup lingers in my memory
With the joys of my childhood..............

Priyanga Jayakody


Eagerly they unwrap gifts
I stand over them saying -
"Put this and that away
They can be gifted in turn."
It must happen elsewhere too
For my daughter once got back
The very same dresslength
From the very same friend
She had given it to a year before!
And yet, she reproached me years later
"You diminished the joy of receiving gifts
Even before I could absorb them."
I told her sadly I couldn't help it
It just had to be so.
Today I can shower them with gifts
When they don't need them any more.

Thilaha Yoganathan,

The Gifts

A birthday gift,
from my spouse,
Triumphantly bearing a box large and square
He claimed it was a unique find,
Grabbing the offering, happily surprised,
You should not have bothered,
I shamelessly lied,
Tore off the wrappings,
what did emerge
was a riot of colours,
a violent splurge,
I shook it out for a better look,
Oh, the shock!
Purple and crimson with splotches of green,
The gaudiest garment I'd ever seen,
He waits for approval, what else can I say,
Thank you, my darling, you've really made my day!

Dr. Malini Epa,
University of Peradeniya.

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