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1st October 2000
By Alia
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Snooping in earnest

With Parliamentary polls round the corner, the snoopers appear to be busy. This time it is with cellular phones. Insiders say they obtained the means to eaves drop on cellular lines with the help of a West Asian country known for its expertise in spy devices. The cost was enormous but that was no barrier. Now the operation to listen in has begun with a vengeance. But snoopers are facing a problem - mid way through a conversation, the lines break down. 

Cellular operators are in a quandary over the regular break-downs. Some are so embarrassed they do not admit the fault exists but tell their customers there had been a break-down the previous day.

The game goes on with no one being sure who will win - the snoopers or those who have assured privacy.

As one top snooper, now retired, remarked "despite the snoop-ins, they know more about love affairs and clandestine affairs than enemy action." 

What he did not mention, however, is the hunt for the sources of some media personnel !! Good luck to them !!

LTTE  plans

Indications that the LTTE was out to disrupt elections, even in areas outside the troubled north and east, emerged yesterday.

Two inshore patrol crafts of the Navy were on routine patrol off the Wilpattu coast last morning when they observed Tiger guerrilla movements near the shore at Kudremalai Point. They called for help and two more IPVs joined in.

One of the IPVs moved close to the shore to ascertain what was going on. Tiger guerrillas fired a Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) destroying the boat. Six of the crew members who jumped overboard were rescued and two are reported missing. An SLAF helicopter ferried one of the sailors, seriously wounded, to Colombo.

Bad weather prevented air attacks. Security officials are now worried that movements near Wilpattu were indications that the guerrillas were working their way southwards to the City via Puttalam and Negombo areas. A full alert has gone out.

Withdrawal with profit

Although the en campments in the Wanni were lost more than a year ago, the news has reached the authorities only now. 

The authorities are investigating the fate of a stock of brand new imported tyres which were brought from a battlefront camp when troops withdrew. 

The move follows allegations that a man in uniform reportedly sold the stock to a Colombo dealer. 

Red alert

Intelligence agencies sounded the alert once again this week to Police and security establishments in the City.

They said more suicide cadres, particularly a group of women, had arrived in the City this week to carry out attacks on VIP targets and vital installations before Parliamentary elections on October 10.

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