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24th September 2000

By Alia

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Alert pilot

An alert SLAF Kfir intercept jet pilot saved both his life and his aircraft by landing at the Palaly airbase after a sortie last week.

The development came after his jet, which had just ended an attack on an LTTE base in the peninsula, developed technical problems. Heading to his regular base, the staging area for the sorties, would have meant disaster.

After an emergency call to Air Traffic Controllers at Palaly, he skillfully landed the Kfir on the Palaly runway, barely adequate for a Kfir jet.

There was a sigh of relief among the SLAF top brass !!

He knows best

The man dealing with multi million rupee tenders is in the news again.

This time a state organisation was called upon to examine and report on the quality of a certain product which more than ten suppliers offered to provide.

Tests were done and the contenders received marks. The best got higher marks whilst the not so good received poor ratings. The findings were sent back to the big man but the winner was one with a not so good rating !!

The boys who did the testing say they have nothing to do with awards. The awardee, who now claims he has his big boss's blessing says, he should not be questioned on his judgment because he knows best.

A case of best things being no good and good things being not the best for the big man.
He shines on !!

Undercover operation

A private TV station dropped a bombshell in their nightly news bulletin one night this week.

It charged that a security forces top brass has detailed a fleet of vehicles, undercover, for use by a politico who is running a high pitched and hectic polls campaign in the hills to become the number one winner.

The move, insiders say, has prompted the top man to warn the drivers of the info leak. What with new top positions becoming vacant soon. Good personal PR, the man believes, would help. That's in addition to throwing a couple of choice Blue Label stuff.

Boss under scrutiny

A one time boss of a state investigation arm has come under close scrutiny after reports that "highly classified reports" and "movements of senior officers" had become public. They say the boss's one time subordinates had fed him the stuff.

Making hay

One politico in a battle area is not only on a vote catching polls campaign but is also earning back what he spends.

Would-be job seekers or others seeking other favours are given appointments . There is a fee of Rs. 250 for each appointment.

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