14th May 2000

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Caught in own trap

By Kumbakarana

The question is whether or not India will intervene in the present conflict in Sri Lanka? Foreign funded NGOs, some leftists, TULF and other Tamil parties who fear that an Indian intervention will halt the forward march of the LTTE state that India cannot intervene in an internal matter in Sri Lanka.

These are the same lot who welcomed the Indian intervention in 1987 to safeguard the rights of Tamils in Sri Lanka. However, India has officially rejected the appeal for air and naval emergency military assistance for Sri Lanka. But what really would be the thinking of the Indian Government, which has burnt her hand before.

The nurturing of the LTTE after 1983 in an effort to undermine the then anti-Indian Sri Lankan Government which helped the LTTE leapfrog into future strengthened and fortified and the IPKF intervention in 1987 are debacles which cost India the life of a Prime Minister, lives of thousands of soldiers as well as crores of Rupees. It however won them silent thanks of the Tamilnadu racists.

The BJP who would be directly opposed to laying the foundation for a Dravidastan starting with Eelam in Sri Lanka clearly would be in a quandary. Supported by the RSS, VHS and Shiv Sena, BJP has the ultimate goal of establishing a Hindustan, the Kingdom of Rama in India. But they cannot ignore the Lok Sabha seats of DMK/Karunanidhi, Samatha Party of George Fernandez, a Christian Fundamentalist and seats of the three Tamil racist parties directly supporting Prabhakaran.

These are important allies to be nurtured and maintained. Most Sri Lankan political analysts claim that BJP-DMK alliance is religiously bonded in Hindutva concept. However, from the beginning BJP's Hindustan was opposed by the DMK's Dravidastan slogan. In actual terms their binding force is to stay in power and BJP-DMK-Fernandez alliance has to remain in tact at least for the time being to deal with open economic policies.

Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHS) has clearly condemned the alliance calling Fernandez an enemy of Hindustan, basically an anti-Asian element providing assistance to LTTE, a Christian Force providing the base for a breakup of South Asia. The parallel drawn is East Timor.

The Congress party of India is not to be forgotten in this equation. They have the highest percentage vote of any party and is spread across India. A command given by them is not likely to be ignored specially by the armed forces. They, who have a sore axe to grind with the LTTE for having made a fool of them and killed their beloved leader, would be determined to reverse any victory won by Prabhakaran.

Prabhakaran is step by step laying the foundation for a weakened India. Eliminating Rajiv Gandhi was the first step in the formation of a central Government, which is controlled by regional more or less separatist parties. LTTE has bought over Indian politicians, media men and certain elements of the security forces to achieve their goals.

Allying with Moslem fundamentalists opposed to India, namely, Afghanistan is another win-win move. Prabhakaran has initiated suicide bombers in Kashmir and he will be the force behind all separatist movements in India before long. If possible, he will make Sri Lanka the next Afghanistan.

Let us speculate in the event Prabhakaran established his Ealam laying the foundation of the future Dravidastan, what would be the position of DMK and AIADMK? Would Karunanidhi and Jayalalitha be allowed to lead Thamilnadu in its freedom struggle for a separate state or would they meet with the same fate as that of Amirthalingam or Thiruchelvam who were got rid of to pave the way to Prabhakaran, the undisputed leader of the Tamil people. These facts will be overriding concerns for Tamilnadu politicians whose apparent support for Prabhakaran will be coloured by these factors. Censored

An Ealam declared solely with mortars and missiles cannot be long lasting.


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