Printing Sunday Times: International safety standards followed

We wish to inform our readers that a Sunday Times parliamentary reporter has tested positive for COVID-19 while at home and the management of Wijeya Newspapers Limited has taken necessary steps to close and sterilize the office complex in keeping with health guidelines as a precautionary measure. The staffer volunteered himself to be RT-PCR tested.

Most of the Sunday Times editorial staff have been working from home since last month while those who worked from office on limited days strictly follow health guidelines such as wearing face masks maintaining the required physical distance in addition to washing hands and using sanitizer regularly. Our printing press and distribution centre are located in Hokandara away from our editorial offices in Colombo, connected only via satellite technology. We assure our readers that the press operation and the distribution network are carried out in accordance with international safety standards followed by world renowned newspapers.

We are committed to serve you through our newspaper by providing you the latest news on the pandemic and politics, alongside our features, sports and business content.

20th COVID-related death in Sri Lanka 


A woman from the Colombo 12 area infected with COVID-19 passed away at the Colombo National hospital today raising the number of COVID deaths in the country to 20.

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President hopes Muslims will join hands with to defeat all forms of extremism


As the world celebrateS the birth of Prophet, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa expressed hopes that Muslims will join hands with determination to defeat all forms of extremism and create a better society keeping in line with the values the Prophet professed.

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'Work from Home' back in Western Province


As a measure to contain the prevailing wave of Coronavirus spread all public institutions in the Western Province and other major townships are required to adopt the “Work from Home (WFH)” mechanism again, Presidential Secretariat said.

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New information gathering app on COVID-19 introduced


The Western Province Health Services Office introduced a new application designed for the benefit of those who are in the medical sector and combating COVID-19 operations to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Presidential Secretariat said.

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No obstacles for exam-sitting AL students due to curfew in Western province: Exams Chief


Steps are taken to ensure that students who are sitting for GCE Advanced Level (AL) exams will not face any obstacles due to curfew imposed in the Western Province , Commissioner General of Examinations Sanath Pujitha said.

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India’s Axis Bank to close Sri Lanka operations


India’s Axis Bank is closing its Sri Lanka operations, the Central Bank said on Friday.

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Around 800 under quarantine in Jaffna district


Around 800 persons in three villages under lock down in the Jaffna district are being quarantined, Dr.

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Public urged to refrain from visiting tourist spots in Nuwara- Eliya


The public are requested to refrain from visiting the vacation spots in the central highlands, Nuwara-Eliya as Covid-19 infections continue to surge in the district, District Secretary M.

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More waste containers to be shipped back to UK


Twenty containers of waste which had arrived from the UK and were lying inside the Colombo Port will be shipped back to UK on Friday, the Customs Department said.

Thursday, October 29, 2020   - 45   - 0 MORE

Ten arrested for illegal fishing


The Navy arrested 10 persons who engaged in illegal fishing, during operations carried out in the Eastern and Northwestern sea areas over the past two days.

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Sovereign (including Sri Lanka) default risks to rise further in 2021: Goldman Sachs


By Reuters Staff LONDON (Reuters) - Sovereign default risks are on course to rise further in 2021, with Iraq, Sri Lanka, Angola and Gabon at high probability of default, say Goldman Sachs analysts.

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20A comes in to effect from today onwards as Speaker signs blueprint


Speaker Mahinda Yapa Abeywaradane signed the blueprint of the 20th Amendment to the Constitution a short while ago giving legal effect from today onwards, the Parliament announced.

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