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30th May 1999

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After Dark

Sri Lankians style in World Cup London

Calypsoband 'Sri Lankians' of 'Meegamu Malu' fame are leaving for London today (May 30) to perform at the Hotel Inter-Continental, London at their special Sri Lankan food promotion arranged for the 'World Cup' for the next three weeks.

This is their 21st performance at an overseas hotel chain and their fourth visit to London.

'Sri Lankians', a popular calypso, Latin and folk band, sing in eighteen languages. They sing oldies, new songs, bailas apart from Calypso and Latin American Music.

Their first overseas tour was in 1984 to Taj Palace Hotel in New Delhi.

Sunshine and music

'Sunshine Musical Extravaganza' featuring popular band 'Sunshine' will come alive tonight at The Bernard Aluvihare Stadium in Matale at 8.00 p.m.

This musical show features several other popular artistes other than the main band 'Sunshine'.

Nihal Nelson, Henry Caldera, Jolly Seeya, Kondaya, Janaka Wickramasinghe, Mohamed Jinna, Susila Liyanage and Punchi Kapuge from NCP are some popular names who will participate at the show.

Search 2000 talent quest

'Search 2000' is an all island talent contest organized to encourage all young people who can sing and play an instrument to hit the headlines.

Age is no barrier to enter the competition. The entry coupon on TV Times is the only way to enter this talent ceswontest.

In addition to the trophies and certificates, those adjudged winners will be awarded the following prizes.

•Hotel contract - 6 months renewable contract to perform in a star class hotel.

•A video clip will be telecast on a popular TV channel.

•Original song recording will be broadcast on Radio Sri Lanka and a contract with the entertainment unit to perform at major shows local and overseas.

Many other opportunities await the winners.

An audition fee of Rs.100 would be charged from all entrants. This is payable on the day of audition, which begins on July 4 and ends on 25.

Airport Garden Hotel will host Search 2000 talent show. Music will be provided by the Dream Team.

World's end infuses new life to music scene

By Sanath Weerasuriya

The local music scene will be shocked to hear the news of 'World's End' soon.

But this is not the real ending but is more like a new 'start'. 'World's End' is the newest addition to the music scence with a combination of five talented guys.

World's End comprises Nalin Warnakulasuriya on keyboards and lead vocals, Samantha Gunawardena on lead guitar and vocals, Mohan Perera on keyboards and vocals, Prasad Perera on drums and vocals and Samantha Kumara Weerasinghe on bass and vocals.

"Though we are new to the scene as a band, most of our members were with many bands and have experience in music," said their leader Nalin.

They are now busy putting their talents together to do their maiden show at Airport Garden Hotel in August.

World's End will perform at first quarter finals of the 'Search 2000', the talent contest with a difference.

They will be on stage with Dream Team for the grand finale too.

The band 'World's End' is managed by Sohan Dissanayake Entertainment Unit.

'We mostly concentrate on now music which is set for the 21st century. But the oldies, rock n' roll, country and baila are not forgotten, said Sohan.

'World's End' will be performing as a guest band for 'Search 2000', all island talent contest in addition to the band Dream Team and will perform in "Dance Carnival" "Dance 2000" - and the Dance call "Before the Worlds End" on October 30 totally produced by Sohan Dissanayake Entertainment Unit.

There are no plans yet for the Millennium Night but we will do our best to mark the year 2000,' he said.

Biz Asia-guide to business

Biz Asia is an invaluable guide to doing business in the Asia Pacific region. Anchored live from Hong Kong by well-known Asian business reporter Lorraine Hahn every week, the program provides a half-hour summary of the day's business events with market news from across the region.

The program draws upon CNN's unparalleled international news athering network, including seven bureaus in Asia-Bangkok, Beijing, Hong Kong, Jakarta, New Delhi, Seoul and Tokyo.

BizAsia brings global viewers timely interviews with the region's business leaders and top analysts, the latest updates on Asia Pacific commercial and financial activities, and up-to-the minute information on currencies and stock movements.

Every Monday to Friday at 10.00 p.m. on Dynavision.

Cultural programme for expatriates

Cultural Associations formed by Sri Lankan expatriats in many foreign countries conduct cultural programmes where our artistes are invited to participate.

Some of these associations perform cultural activities with our expatriates performing in them. "The main reason is to keep our people involved in them so that they will not forget our language, culture, customs and manners. " said Lalith Perera who is employed in Hollywood at present.

'A Sri Lankan Kala Kawaya ' in Hollywood recently had staged three dramas with our people playing in them. 'Andare', 'and 'Pitarata Wasaya' are these three dramas. Sri Lankan film director and radio scriptwriter who is now in the States Dr. Mudalinayake Somaratna has written the first two and another Sri Lankan author and dramatist has written the other.

'Pitarata Wasaya' discuss a theme of how a Sri Lankan family living in the States embrace western culture and decrying Sri Lankan customs and manners.

The three dramas were highly praised by all Sri Lankans who saw them 'Pitarata Wasaya' was highly appreciated by them as it conveyed a theme which would be a lesson to Sri Lankan expatriates not only living in the States but in other countries as" Lalith Perera states.

Swedish festival gathers a few rare ones

By Kumaradasa Wagista

A Swedish Film Festival comprising a package of rare films will be held at Elphinstone Theatre from June 5 to 11. Short and feature films are included for screenings.

The festival commences with the screening of two films made by film scholar Ingmar Bergman, 'Fanny and Alexander' (June 5 ) and 'Wild Strawberries' will be screened on (June 6).

The other films selected are film maker Leif Furhammar's 'Remember ?'' (8 mins) and Christer Engberg's 'Wild Angel. ( 90 mins) June (7).

Stefan Jari's 'The Land of the Lapps' (13 mins) and his feature film 'Nature's Warrior' (95 mins) on (June 8).

'Dancing' (20 mins) made by Jan Troell and Christina Olofsson's 'Truth or Dare' ( 80 mins ) will be screened on June 9.

Johan Hagelback's 'The Cut of the Year' (5 mins) and Richard Hobert's 'Run for Your Life' (115 mins ) are the two titles on June 8.

The festival will be concluded with the screening of 'Striptease' directed by Lars Ame Hult (3 mins) followed by Bo Widerberg's "All Things Fair' (130 mins ) on June 11. .

'Fanny & Alexander' is Ingmar Bergman's last feature film It's a Swedish cathedral town with a theatre valued by all, a university among others. The theatre was purchased by a wealthy businessman named Oscar Ekdahl who had married an eminemt young actress Helena Mandelbaum. They lived in a posh house and three children were born to them.

When the film begins Helena is a widow. She has handed over the management of the theatre to her eldest son Oscar (jnr) while his wife Emilie too is an actress. At first the story is chiefly about the Ekdhls and gradually it takes to the cathedral and its bishop.

Oscar's and Emilie's 10 year old son Alexander is responsible for the bishop's death. Fanny is his younger sister.

Ingmar Bergman's 'Wild Strawberries' was produced in 1957.

One fine morning Professor Isak Borg wakes early in the morning in his house at Stockholm after a terrible nightmare in which he had dreamed watching his own funeral.

He immediately leaves off to Lund with his daughter-in-law Marianne. His mission to Lund was to present himself for his 50th anniversary degree as a doctor.

While travelling Marianne tells her father -in -law what a hopeless type of an egoist he is, harsh and lacking in understanding specially towards his son.

Her criticisms makes the professor to examine his conscience well. The first stop is at an abandoned country villa where the professor had stayed as a child at the turn of the century. He flings himself down alone by the wild strawberry patch and goes back in imagination to his happiest days.

On their return trip Marianne drives while the professor drops off asleep and his morning's nightmare continues. He suffers all the agonies of uncertainty in a kind of final settling up of his life.

It turns out that his knowledge of forgiveness and the love of humanity is limited.

He is rejected and wakes up full of anxiety.

Christer Engberg's 'Wild Angel' is a feature film about youth as individuals. Engberg who directed the film also penned its screenplay together with John O. Olsson, the producer and cinematographer of the film.

Incidently Engberg had worked in a north Sweden school for 18 long years engaged in the sort of project which is also the subject of this film.

All those who have acted in this film are ex-students of director Engberg "They have helped to shape the dialogue as we wanted them to use their own language. None plays himself in the film, although the parts have been modelled on the actors themselves " he says. His concept is that there is nothing unsual about young people working on their own productions.

'Nature's Warrior' is written and directed by Stefan Jarl. The film relates a thrilling story of a small boy who saves a fox cub from a cruel fate and becomes a hero to be a modern day Robin Hood in the forest.

'Truth or Dare ' is a film made by Christina Olofson of a twelve -year -old girl Karin, who is on the border of childhood .

The film is set in the city and discusses about the present teenagers, their friendships and rivalries and about alienation and the price of friendship.

Christina Olofson is a versatile Swedish woman filmmaker. She is qualified in three main departments of film making direction, screen writing and production.

'Run For Your Life' a film by Richard Hobert. It's a film based in Sweden during 1996. The annual Festival of Light: Light of Lucia Festival is in progress. Catti and Mikael are in the maternity ward for the birth of their first child.

A foreigner named Maria is in the same ward as Catti. Maria helps Catti whenever she finds it difficult to express herself in Swedish.

Suddenly the Police raid the hospital ward and arrest Maria. Although a reason is not known Catti hears words such as 'terrorist', 'illegal alien'.

Maria makes a quick decision and jumps on to the lawn three floors below and runs with the Police at her heels. Maria's infant child is in hospital concealed in a blanket.

With the help of a midwife Catti smuggles the infant and leaves the hospital. She persuades her husband to help in finding Maria and the infant's father Stefan along with the midwife.

What happens during the search is interesting.

Bo Widerberg's Academy Award nominee. for Best Foreign Picture 'All Things Fair' is the concluding film of the festival.

When fifteen -year -old Stig meets his new teacher 37-year -old Viola, his life changes radically. The fact that Viola is his teacher and the vast gap in the age only makes their affair complicated, but not impossible.

Viola is a married woman.

Her husband Kjell is a salesman dealing in ladies' underwear, he calls himself Frank whenever he is away from home. "Frank for my customers which makes him think of Frank Sinatra"he says. He is not the faithful kind of husband. Therefore Viola regards her present behaviour as justified although it's for the first time she is unfaithful to her husband.

Stig's next door neighbour's daughter Lisbet is in love with him. She gets frustrated as Stig doesn't look at her nor, talk to her. However she is unaware that her boyfriend is busy in some other track. The film takes an unexpected trend in the end.

All films are sub -titled in English. Shows start at 6. 30 p. m. On Sunday June 6 it starts at 5. 30 p. m.

Admission is free on a first to come first served basis from 4. 30 p. m. onwards.

National Film Corporation of Sri Lanka in co-operation with Sri Lanka Film Critics and Journalists Forum, Winson Films International have organised this festival with the blessings of the Embassy of Sweden in Sri Lanka.

Lalitha Padmini on visit here

Lalitha Padmini one time heartthrob of Hindi,Tamil and Telegu screen is due to visit Sri Lanka shortly.

Sisters Lalitha,Padmini and Rajani appeared in many films.They were also capable dancing artistes. As a screen name Lalitha assumed her sister's name and appeared as Lalitha Padmini.

Lalitha Padmini acted in'Mera Naam Joker','Dis Desh Ma'.directed by Raj Kapoor.

She was a popular heroine who acted opposite thespians of the silver screen like M.G. Ramachandran, Sivaji Ganeshan, Gemini Ganeshan and performed some excellent dance sequences in some of the films.

She migrated to the States but visits her birth place often.

Wolf: An unforgettable cop

Wolf is the story of a rock-hard, down-and-dirty detective who falls victim to high level corruption and suddenly finds himself odd man out.... an outcast among his comrades of the San Francisco Narcotics Department. Despised by his former police buddies, Tony Wolf (Jack Scalia) is now driven by one burning desire.. find the slimy characters who set him up, no matter how high up in the police command they may be. But along the way there is some other unfinished business in his life.

He finds his father, Sal Lupo ( played by Joe Sirola), whom he had been too busy to visit for years, living in a flop house. The old man has lost his fishing boat and given up on life. Wolf is confronted with hurt, raw hostility and angry words, "Where were you when I needed you? You were too busy playing big city cop." There's also the sensitive loving side of Wolf, who wants to regain his father's love. So he buys back the dilapidated fishing boat and together with his father begins to restore it, and their relationship.

But the shadow of disgrace hangs over him like the sword of Damocles. In an ironic twist, the lawyer who helped prosecute him, Dylan Elliot (Nicholas Surovy) asks Wolf for help in finding a lost key witness to one of his cases. In a tense, fascinating scene, they make a pact. Wolf will find the witness and Elliot will help him clear his name. What follows is: high suspense as Wolf gets closer to the higher ups who framed him. Excitement, which fills every moment that Wolf spends on the cases assigned by Elliot.

Action, that keeps viewers tense and nervous, watching this private eye leap into danger in a relentless fight against criminal elements. Tender emotions, as a disenfracished son makes an attempt to rekindle a sense of warmth and love between father and son. Passion, when Wolf, having experienced a disastrous marriage, encounters old flame, Conni Bacarri ( Mimi Kuzyk).

Saturday 9.00 pm on Dynavision

Fete de le Musique 99

'Fete de le Musique' ( International Music Day) will be celebrated again in Sri Lanka after a lapse of 3 years and this year it will be held at the Alliance Francaise de Colombo Auditorium on Saturday June 19 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

It is open for every one Amateurs and professionals who can sing, play an instrument or dance. This is the ideal chance to expose the hidden musical talents and the organisers of Fete de le musique will do their best to help the new talents.

Local singers, instrumentalists and dancers have been celebrating this event in Colombo for the past so many years which has been a great success.

It all begun in France in 1982 and now Fete de le Musique (International Music Day) is celebrated throughout the world. Every year the amateur and professional musicians take to the streets in France on of June 21 to celebrate the summer solstice. They head for the squares, parks and perform free of charge for the onlookers and for their own pleasure. The performance embraces all kinds of music and nothing is out of place. There is no selection whatsoever and everyone including beginners are free to perform.

These performances embrace all kinds of Music Pop, Jazz, Folk, Classical, Rock, Heavy Metal,country & Western, Reggae, Bails etc.. with nothing being out of place. Today the spirit of invention vies with the spirit of each country making it a crossroad of cultures and the mingling of melodies in a concert of nations. It will be a meeting place of cultures sharing the joy of listening to variety of melodies.

Alliance Francaise invites all musicians singers and music lovers for this event and is free of charge and anyone wishing to participate can obtain an application form from Alliance Francaise de Colombo, No. 11, Barnes Place, Colombo 7. Applications will close on June 11, 1999.

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