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28th March 1999

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Help for dull, drab hair

Many factors may contribute to dull, drab hair so the first step is to determine the cause. Dull, drab, lustreless hair may be caused by damage to the cuticle layer from excessive dryness or oiliness, damage from the environment (sun, chlorine in swimming pools), overzealous use of heat-styling appliances (blow dryers, curling irons), excessive or improper use of bleaching, waving, straightening, or hair-colour products. Sometimes hair becomes dull, limp, and droopy from buildup of such hair-care products as mousses, gels, hairsprays, shampoos and conditioners. Dull hair can also be associated with illness, internal disorders, or dietary deficiencies.

If the hair is damaged, you will have to allow new, undamaged hair to grow out to permanently bring back shine and gloss. In the meantime you can obtain more manageability and lustre by shampooing with a gentle shampoo formulated for damaged hair and by using a post-shampoo conditioner. Lusterizing gels and mousses or sprays are now available that temporarily restore the glossiness to hair. Coating the hair with an oily or oil-like material will add lustre and sheen much as oiling or waxing wooden furniture does.

If your hair suffers from the "greasies" brought on from buildup of hair products on the hair, shampooing the hair for a week or two with a gentle, straightforward, non-conditioning shampoo should remove the buildup and bring back bounce and gloss.

If you suspect your problem is due to a dietary deficiency or an internal disorder, consult a dermatologist.

Jute collection

With more emphasis on natural fabrics, designer Sharmini of 'Silkwrap' fame has turned to jute for a casually trendy look. Pictured are some designs displayed at the JAIC Hilton recently

Jute collectionJute collection

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