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26th April 1998

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Nuwara Eliya Rowing and Yacht Club officials

New office bearers were elected to revive the activities of the Nuwara-Eliya Rowing and Yacht Club at its annual general meeting held recently. The newly elected President, Gerry Silva a leading light in rowing circles for over the last 35 years and a former President of the Amateur Rowing Association of Sri Lanka stated that this club was formed way back in 1985. Due to unforseen circumstances its activities were restricted beyond the control of the club.

However in April 1986 a Windsurfing Regatta was held at Lake Gregory at which the chief guest was puthirasigamony the present Minister of Tourism of the Central Province and Vice Patron of the club.

The other official elected to revive this club is Alavi. S. Mohamed.

Talking Point .... Rover

Management change?

News are afloat that certain changes are to be made on the cricket team management for the forthcoming cricket tours of Sri Lanka.

Rover learns that a former manager will contest the post of manager which some think is a welcome move, since he is a man who brooks no-nonsense.

Tape Recorder

A leading member of the Cricket Board had wanted a tape recorder to make his work easier, especially taking down the minutes which have to be circulated to the members on time.....

Matara Out?

Matara is to be removed as a Test venue due to communication problems. Instead Galle is to be promoted as a Test venue. Galle is ideally situated and communication to the rest of the island as well as overseas is bound to be easier.

Rover also learns that Dambulla is to be the next new Test venue with the construction of a new ground. The new venue is to have all facilities. This move is also bound to spread the game to new parts of the island.

Leading to the Year 2000 Sydney Olympic Games ...

New rules for World Volleyball

In TOKYO, (AFP) - New rules will be introduced and prize money will be awarded for the first time when Japan hosts the world volleyball championships in November, the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) said.

"We have approved to introduce at the next world championships several new rules that will make our sport more attractive." FIVB president Ruben Acosta told reporters after the draw for the November 3-29 competition.

"Volleyball is a team competition, but there are great players with unique skills. We have long appreciated their talents, but now we are recognizing that fact in material terms at our world championships."

A total of one million dollars in prize money will be awarded to individual players for the first time, while the men's and women's winning teams will recieve 500,000 dollars each, Acosta said.

The best player of the championships will earn 100,000 dollars, and 50,000 dollars will be given to the best attacker, blocker, server, receiver, digger and the top scorer.

The most successful coach and most imaginative coach will also collect 25,000 dollars, respectively.

According to the new rules, each team can register one specialised defensive player ,"Libero," who is restricted to performing as a back row player, not hitting an attact, serving, blocking or attempting to block.

The new rules also included introduction of a new official coloured ball and new playing uniforms, and allowing head coaches to walk or stand within the free zone and instruct players.

"These new rule changes will be applied from now on to the Olympic Games. That means the Olympic Games in Sydney will be played also with these new rules, said Acosta.

Protective gear a must even for fielders

Raman Lamba's tragic death on the field, brings to the fore the importance of wearing protective equipment even if one is playing club cricket.

Raman was unlucky. He went to Dhaka to play cricket and he took the field in that unfamiliar position, short leg.

Lamba lived for cricket and it is ironic that he died of it.

His death is a tragic loss, but hopefully it will teach his mates the importance of playing the game on the field rather than off it.

In the first class and at Test level, the fielders in the close positions, especially at forward short leg, should wear protective gear.

ICC should look at the possibility of restricting the area, where the close in fielders can stand. Sometimes the players come in frightfully close. Nobody wants to see a player hurt whether he is batting or fielding.

Perhaps the captains who are to meet in May, will put the players point of view across for the administrators to look-into.

Kiwis criticised by a female coach

New Zealand's cricket team has been attacked for childish and aggressive on-field behaviour by a leading coaching official.

Nicki Turner, a former women's international cricketer, said players in most sports had markedly improved their conduct in recent years.

However, Ms. Turner criticised the men's cricket team for their "childish and inappropriate" language on the field.

She said the behaviour was sending a bad message to youngsters watching the team on television.

"And I think a lot of New Zealanders are feeling very uncomfortable about the situation," Ms. Turner said.

"A lot of people I've spoken to don't like it. They know that New Zealand has always played sport very hard but this is going overboard."

Ms. Turner believed top-level behaviour in all sports had improved in recent years, particularly in Rugby Union and Rugby League.

"You very rerely now see any sort of fisticuffs going on in games," Ms. Turner said.

-Ramesh Joseph

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