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26th April 1998

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Arrests imminent

CID detectives have taken over investigations from Army Headquarters into two serious cases of fraud.

One concerns the import of vehicle spare parts during a three year period involving over Rs 150 million. Military Police were conducting inquiries into this case allegedly involving two Brigadiers and others.

The other relates to a military supplier who provided quantities short of what has been required. Helping him to allegedly defraud the Army, insiders say, were a group of officers and other ranks.

They were allegedly given rewards including radios, TV sets, cameras and video casette recorders. They say some arrests are imminent.

Operation success

Army Headquarters were apalled last week by reports in sections of the media that the Police have launched a major counter terrorist operation in the jungles of Yala. The reports even gave the names of local Police top brass who were taking part.

Checks by AHQ with the newly appointed Military competent Authority for the area, Brigadier H. A. N.T. Perera, showed there was no such operation.

He should know for he is the overall auhority for security in that area.

Then why this media blitz by some top cops? They were not sure why but some guessed it was to impress big brass in Colombo. What a way to do things !!

Media conference

"The media should be taken into confidence. We must tell them the truth and expect their support and co-operation."

The words came from Army Commander, Lt. Gen. Rohan de S. Daluwatte, when he spoke to over 250 officers at a conference at Army Headquarters last Wednesday.

It was in reply to a question raised by a senior officer who asked what he proposed to do about media and reports that "demoralised" the troops.

Oblige and obey

For those who had access to such good things in life, it was indeed a grand ceremony.

I mean the much publicised advent of a new conglomerate which made its public debut on Friday.

It was Chivas Regal and Champagne and a star class hotel did all the catering.

The new king makers whispered secret invitations to selected visitors. They were asked to join in a bigger late night do at another location.

Drinking and dancing went on till the wee hours. Many admired the array of beauties present.

They were all in a mood to oblige and obey. That was when the champagne was sent around.

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