07th December 1997

The Jungle Telegraph

By Alia

Money flows like milk

Aluxury limousine for a top cop will cost a cool five million rupees.

Insiders say the order for the car has already been placed. The official vehicle will naturally need a flag pole. But, must one pay Rs 100,000 for it ?

Talking of limousines, there is one more story doing the rounds.

That is about an Opposition politico to whom, they say, money flows like milk.

He has ordered an exquisite luxury sports car. The cost ? A cool ten million rupees.

Is it a Jaguar or Alfa Romeo ? Your guess is as good as mine.

Nasty battle avoided

Navy Commander, Vice Admiral Cecil Tissera's timely intervention has settled what might have developed into a nasty battle - a fight between his men and EPDP cadres in Jaffna.

EPDP men who had a scuffle with some Navy men had later come back in strength to attack a Navy team.

A gun battle ensued. Four EPDP men were injured.

Police have now been called in to conduct a full inquiry.

A deal?

Intelligence circles are buzzing with reports of a secret meeting between a group of PLOT cadres and an LTTE group.

They are verifying reports that the meeting had led to a 'deal' where they would not disturb Tiger cadres operating in Vavuniya.

Is this how some LTTE cadres have infiltrated into Vavuniya, they want to know.

LTTE acquires DFE

The LTTE has acquired Direction Finding Equipment (DFE), the instrument that gives them an accurate reading of positions from which the security forces direct artillery or mortar fire.

Intelligence sources confirm this to be the main reason which the LTTE has been able to direct mortar fire successfully at SF positions.

Mortars have caused more than half the casualties among troops deployed in 'Operation Jaya Sikurui.'

Key tasks

LTTE's Pottu Amman who has been placed in charge of the Jaffna peninsula by its leader, Velupillai Prabhakaran has been given some key tasks - step up guerrilla activity, plan out assassinations and mine the road network.

With polls to 17 local bodies in the Jaffna and Kilinochchi districts due, at least each political party will end up fielding at least 300 candidates.

It will indeed be an enormous task for the Government to provide security cover to the candidates, particularly with the pistol groups increasing their activity in the peninsula.

But some political parties are skeptical of the Government announcement of local polls. They say a similar announcement was made last November and was later cancelled.

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