The Fifth Column

26th October 1997

Calling London

"Satellite, Satellite, where have you been"?

I've been to London to visit the Queen....Bindu Udagedara was saying to himself.

"Why are you saying that?" Bindu's father Percy asked.

"Why, thaaththa, Satellite has gone to visit the Queen...."

"But what is wrong with that?"

"Why, she's not here even when they are presenting the package in Parliament...."

"And poor G.L. has to take all the blame".

"But" Bindu said, "I think G. L. likes it..."

"Anyway" Percy said "I think Satellite should visit the Queen..."

"Why do you say that?"

"Why she could then tell the world about the bombs that are exploding here and tell other countries to ban the Tigers like they did in America..."

"But I thought that was done by Lucky K and not by Satellite..." Bindu said.

"The important thing" Percy said, "that it was done, not who did it..."

"Yes" Bindu said, "but isn't it a pity that the other political parties can't agree on what to do with the package..."

"Why do you say that, Bindu?"

"Because" Bindu said, "last week, when Ranil was absent, UNPers didn't know whether to oppose the package or support it..."

"Ah, yes" Percy agreed, "people like Ronnie and Hameed don't seem to disagree with the package..."

"But others in the party seem to have agreed to disagree.."

"But" Percy said, "even the package now seems a bit too late...."

"Why do you say that?"

"Why, it is now more than three years since Satellite assumed office..."

"Ah, but with Satellite everything is always late.."

"Why do you say that, Bindu?" Percy asked.

"Now that's why they say, Satellite, Satellite, where have you been". "I've been to London to visit the Queen..." "Satellite, Satellite, what did you do there?" "I was late, I couldn't even meet Blair..." Bindu replied.

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