26th October1997

The Jungle Telegraph

By Alia

Holme sweet Holme

Are sleuths of the CID entitled to take freebies like air tickets?

We are not talking about ordinary cops and sergeants. Free air travel is not for them. This is the case of a big man, a celebrity himself, who spearheads probes into celebrity cases of all sorts - trade, customs, commerce and what have you? He is rubbing shoulders with his Interpol colleagues in the cooler climes of New Delhi.

Even if it was closer home, our Sherlock Holmes felt he should take his spouse along. Nothing wrong, one would say.

Well, in this case he did not pay for the spouses ticket. As they say in Police parlance, it came Summa!! Of all places, it was courtesy the national carrier.

The ticket no doubt took into consideration the shopping they would do in Madras. So it was Colombo-Madras-Delhi-Madras-Colombo.

Travel Colombo Madras-Colombo was on select class. Air Lanka would pay first class on the other sectors on any airline.

Giving a good taste of paradise is a sure way of winning friends and influencing people. Why not, when you can’t beat them?

The Bond bond

Many a thing that have remained a top secret may become public revelations soon.

Some leading intelligence boys who have since been edged out are preparing themselves for a fundamental rights application.

Their grouse?

They complain that an angry boss is not placing his signature to their retirement papers. The men have already said goodbye to their colleagues in Sri Lanka’s own M15 or CIA, the once coveted NIB.

It is the unofficial goodbye that is now held up. All for the want of a signature.

Service extended

After second thoughts, the Ministry of Defence has confirmed the service extensions of six Majors General. Only one has been told that his services would no longer be necessary.


A high powered Navy team is off next week to an European Capital to finalise a multi million rupee ammo deal. They say the transaction is on a government to government basis. But there are whispers in sections of the security establishment that ‘brokers’ behind the deal may become rich.

Even some top brass whom Kethu and Rahu have so far ignored, they say, are active.

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