31st August 1997

The Jungle Telegraph

By Alia

Ego hurt

Even the highest in the land, they say, was amazed at the petty polemics of the khakied cadres.

One could well understand if it was at the lower levels. But this is right at the top.

The man who takes delight in projecting a kingly portfolio was simply cheesed off. So he told the big boss not to go for the colourful event in the south. The rank and file had so anxiously looked forward to it. They wanted to show how the young ones had gone through the rough and tumble to fight the enemy.

But that was not to be. The next in line went as the chief guest. The reason ? Well, well,... they say the invitation to the big boss had been extended by some one else and not him.

A simple case of the guru’s big ego being hurt by the actions of someone whom he thinks is puny. Talk of justice, fairplay and humility. My foot !!

Bad news

Brigadiers in the Army were in for some bad news this week.

No more one star plates in the official vehicles unless under very, very exceptional circumstances like cantonment ceremonies.

The order, with immediate effect, is said to be for security reasons. It has been sent out by the Deputy Chief of Staff, Major General Srilal Weerasuriya.

All in a day

There were whispers in intelligence circles that the LTTE had managed to smuggle in a part of the 81 mm mortar bombs from the 34,200 they inveigled the Zimbabwe Defence Industries to part with. They had arrived from an Asian country.

No wonder, early this week they used 5,000 rounds of 81 mm mortars at the security forces. This was during pitched battles at Puliyankulam. All in a day !! Confirmation of the quantity came during radio intercepts.

Words of wisdom

The Director of As trology and Palmistry, as they call him, was at it again.

This time it was over psy ops on the media. He told some state sector scribes during a closed door briefing on how to cover the separatist war. There were many words of wisdom. Here’s one.

“You must always put very ugly pictures of Prabhakaran...As for our top people, please choose the best ones....”

Whether this was DAP’s own campaign or his lord and master’s is not clear. But the latter is now keen to take a back seat and show the junior cadres on the idiot box. Hence shooting of a different kind is under way.

Too much exposure, or what?

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