24th August 1997

The Jungle Telegraph

By Alia

On ‘leave’

Two very high ranking officers from different services are on the mat !

They face orders from the Ministry of Defence to be sent on compulsory leave.

One case relates to an officer’s alleged interference in the judicial process. It is reportedly in relation to a case involving him and other subordinate ranks over matters bordering human rights.

The other relates to an ongoing investigation into procurements involving billions of rupees. Needless to say commissions in such instances involve millions.

A case of problems not only on the ground but in air too !!

Medals and images

The provost who in his flights of fantasy suspects the CIA and the KGB to be behind even a street brawl at Chittampalam Gardiner Mawatha, is working over-time these days.

His task? Collecting data on the service medals the second-in-command has received over the years. It seems they not only want to disqualify him of some of the worthy medals but also any future positions he may inherit.

This is whilst men on the front lines are laying down their lives fighting a ruthless enemy.

Another case of mistaken enemy, like the witch hunt on the scribes for which he is now taking credit with his buddy, the man who can handle any explosive situation. Why talk of tarnishing images ?

The silent Gatlings

As Sri Lanka’s defence budget for 1997 soared to over Rs 47 billion, the defence establishment is becoming increasingly concerned about some military procurements.

Some of the hardware costing vast amounts in foreign exchange simply do not work.

One such instance, they say, is the procurement of 50 Gatling (7.62) guns from an Asian country. The reported cost is well over twenty million US dollars, they say.

On the ebony couch track

Top brass at Police Headquarters sent a team to The Sunday Times office early this week to probe the ebony couch story in these columns last week.

They want to know who gave it and, more importantly, who took it.

Well, well.... Your guess is as good as mine.

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