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30th March1997

The Jungle Telegraph

By Alia

Mosquito Tiger broke peace

The man who helped the LTTE attack the SLAF Base at China Bay on March 6 — I revealed exclusively last week — is now in custody.

A civilian employee at Sri Lanka Navy’s Eastern Command Headquarters at the Dockyard in Trincomalee, the man was nabbed after the Army arrested two attackers.

This came hours after the attack.

Then the man admitted that he entered the precincts of the SLAF base in the vehicle of a supplier to conduct reconnaissance.

Now comes another shocking revelation.

This civilian employee helped the LTTE carry out the attack on the Naval Dockyard on April 19, 1995 - the first offensive after 100 days of failed peace talks that triggered off “Eelam War Three.”

How did he know the various locations at the

Dockyard ?

Well, that was easy for him.

He was a minor employee assigned to spray Malathion to dispel mosquitoes.

Cyanide for airmen

Losses and damages that occurred frequently was too much to bear for the man in uniform.

He summoned all his top rungers tasked with zonal and sectional responsibilities for a top level conference in the City just two weeks ago and delivered them a terse sermon — take every precaution to ensure no more enemy attacks occur.

Fair enough.

After all, precautionary measures are essential however belated they come.

But what upset those who took part was something else.

“If anything goes wrong, don’t come running to me.

Keep a cyanide capsule with you to swallow,” he exhorted.

One witty young man in epaulets asked a colleague seated next “ where do you get the bloody thing from ?” The answer ?

“Wait till he imports them !!”

Army goes Yankee

Sri Lanka Army’s offic ers and men are to come out in a brand new working dress, one that will make them look much like their American counterparts.

This is the first time since independence that a complete change in appearance is being brought about.

What will happen to the present working dress ?

It will be out of vogue. Needless to say that the new look will cost a neat sum of money for the Army.

Need of the hour

A Sri Lankan politico on a tour of a prosperous Asian capital was asked by his countrymen what he needed.

That of course was a query to find out what contribution they could make to mother Sri Lanka at this hour of need.

The answer came in no time – a bullet proof car with shatter proof glass.

It never arrived !!

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