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9th March 1997

The Jungle Telegraph

By Alia

Secret moves

Intelligence circles are buzzing with the news that LTTE's Paris based "Ambassador-at-large", the bespectacled Lawrence Thilakar, has arrived in the Wanni jungles for a meeting with his leader, Velupillai Prabhakaran.

The news has fuelled many rumours. Main among them is the talk that fresh peace initiatives are underway. This was flatly denied by highly placed Government officials. Another said Thamil Chelvam has travelled to Paris as replacement. This again was denied since the latter has no visa. Thilakar of course is now a French national.

So, why then is this sudden visit? The answer to that billion dollar question will reveal many more secrets!!

Scourge at sixty

Has the PA Government changed its policy decision not to grant extension of service to Police and security forces personnel over 60 years? This was strictly adhered to soon after they were voted to power.

But now comes the news that at least two top Police officials, both holding coveted positions (one in the metropolis and the other in a specialised agency) have been granted a year's extension each.

It is not only aspirants who planned to get into their slots who are mad. There are others who complain this has hampered their promotional prospects.

To be bitten again?

Some of those involved in procurements for the defence establishment during the previous Government, as is well known now, are in deep trouble.

The question being asked in defence circles is whether some high ups have forgotten this fact.

One piece of sophisticated military hardware procured recently was put to use during "Operation Edibala" to locate enemy firing positions. Believe it or not, it never worked!!

And now there are plans for a very high powered procurement mission to visit capitals around the Baltic region. The secret mission involves procurement.

Only those who are bitten feel shy. So why worry when you have still not been bitten!!

Lucky fellow

A man in epaulets who said good-bye to his office when there were no signs of an extension is in luck's way.

He is to get a job in a leading West Asian capital. He will be the regional representative of a leading concern. He will receive a fat salary and all the perks.

Why not when the firm was a top supplier when our man was in his job! He looked after them well. It is now the firm's turn. So why go through the hassle of settling down in a country famous for its dairy industry.

Why this change?

Parayanakulam, a key junction on the road from Vavuniya to Mannar, will soon see the birth of a major defence complex.

That is not all. It is to be re-named Sapumalpura. In fact the uniformed men have begun using that name. Why this name change?

Well, your guess is as good as mine!

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