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2nd March 1997

Quick on the draw

Thursday- So, Punchinilame has surrendered to an Acting Magistrate who had appeared for two other suspects in the same case. G.L. is very angry about it, but I told him not to worry about it because justice will be done when the time comes. But it just shows that the Justice Ministry is as efficient as the Police when it comes to handling this type of case!

Friday- I was thinking of going to China on Deng's account but Lucky K tells me no one is invited. What a pity! Or else, could have had a nice little holiday and blamed it on the "strong relations between Sri Lanka and China."

Saturday - Mallo is complaining of death threats and a 'plot' to assassinate him. What a nuisance he has become recently. And, he won't tell us who is behind this 'plot' either. I don't know whether to believe him or not but I don't want to take a chance, so I sent the CID chaps to look into it. I don't want another Murtaza on my hands and anyway, Amma is also taking it very seriously...

Sunday- Amma came home from hospital and thank God, the doctors have said she is doing well for her age. The last thing I need now are the Ministers fighting to become Prime Minister when I myself might need the job if we decide to do away with the Executive Presidency.

Monday- The leaders of political parties have agreed to surrender weapons, or so they say. It was KB's idea and Ranil, as usual, welcomed it. Amma is also keen about it, so I let them go ahead with it, but we all know it's a big farce, isn't it? Anyway, must ask Anu to get back at least some of the guns given to the UNPers.

Tuesday- I was persuaded to go campaigning in Negombo. Jeyaraj had got the crowds down, but they all told me we will lose in Negombo. Anyway, I did the best I could, including telling them as usual that the Tigers will be wiped out in six months...

Wednesday - Now, Gamini Atukorale says he was shot at. I suppose we should investigate this incident also just to keep everyone happy, but I, for one, can't understand why anyone would want to waste bullets on someone like him....

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