19th January 1997

The Jungle Telegraph

By Alia

Monkey tricks again

A UN agency chose the hill capital of Kandy for a Confab of its top notches worldwide.

Those arriving at the Bandaranaike International Airport were whisked away straight to Kandy.

When the sessions ended, some of the visitors were keen to see the capital of Colombo.

Believe it or not. They were told "No you can't go there. It's a security risk".

So they were all brought down to the airport to catch their flight.

Is this the handiwork of the man who once called all Sri Lankans monkeys? This is the question they ask.

Clash in the cockpit

AirLanka's Sri Lankan pilots are up in arms against a management move to upgrade Indian First Officers as Captains of A 320 aircraft.

They contend that the Indian First Officers do not have the necessary requirements and threatened trade union action if the move was enforced. They feel the move is prompted by external pressure.

AirLanka management, however, claims the upgrade move is prompted by a shortage of Captains. It says the pilots will pay for their Command upgrade training.

But the Sri Lankan pilots have put their foot down. The management move is now awaited.

Hidden hand discovered

There is more to the parallel media operation from the east which was referred to in these columns last week

The dramatic success stories were not confined only to the print media.

Our expert had been booked 15 minutes of prime time on national TV too. But the propaganda "blitz" was discovered before the programme was aired. So there was no show.

Forced out

This time it was not sky wars.

It was a heated battle of words. The deputy accused his deputy of trying to carry on a campaign against him. The latter denied it vehemently.

See the commotion force landings can cause.

Some ask whether that should be caused to force others out.

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