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7th July 1996




Cricket Board wants former President to explain......

By Annesley Ferreira

The former President of the Board of Control for Cricket in Sri Lanka, Ana Punchiwewa who has exceeded his authority with regard to enhanced payment to Alex Kontouri the Physiotherapist for the tours of Singapore, Trinidad and Los Angeles, has been referred to the Disciplinary Committee on the recommendations of the Executive Committee of the Cricket Board.

Meanwhile, when the 'Sunday Times' spoke to the former Cricket Board President, Ana Punchiweha he said the that he was willing to face any committee as he had not done anything wrong.

It is also stated in an exco report, that the former President has exceeded his powers in making the appointment of Advantage Sri Lanka as the official Sports Marketing Company of the Cricket Board and they have decided the appointment is ultra vires the constitution of the Cricket Board and informed them that this purported is not valid.

It was also decided that on the interim report on the development of the Galle CC and the construction of practice wickets at the Colts CC to link into the matters.

A-To appoint auditors to probe into the Galle CC matters in depth.

B-To re-negotiate the terms between the Board and Colts with regard to the usage and maintainee of the practice wickets. It was also noted that this project had cost Rs 54,000/- more than the mount allocated.

The Sunday Times learns that Uplai Dharmadasa the President of the Cricket Board, who is also the Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee has requested that the former President be summoned before the Advisory Committee first.

He has also shown dissappointment in the manner that the former President had on the instructions of some members of the Exco spoken tothe Chairman of Singer with regard to the conducting of the Singer World Series Limited Overs tournament. If he is so interested in the affairs of the Cricket Board he should have spoken to me instead of phoning the Chairman of Singers, Dharmadasa said.

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