The Defence Column

9th June 1996

Tiger decoys on the prowl

By Our Defence Correspondent


There is hard evidence to believe that some of the decoys from the LTTE intelligence wing pose as Sinhalese youths well conversant in the language and possessing an identity card with a Sinhala name. These youths, some middle-level officers, freely roam popular places in Colombo and probably would never be caught.

These Tiger decoys report back to their divisional commanders at regular intervals


If the LTTE has been successful in operating a spy network in Colombo and having moles in the armed forces, then a few Sinhalese too have been able to infiltrate the heavily-protected Tiger domain. But the only hitch is these individuals do not work for the government, gathering confidential information from the LTTE. They work for Velupillai Prabhakaran.

Interestingly, the Sinhalese wife of the Tiger Police Chief is treated as a Tiger VIP and works as a translator for the LTTE.


The censorship on military news is continuing unabated despite the war front showing signs of respite. The media has been tried and convicted for leaking information to the LTTE. But then a part of the media too share the blame for amateurish reporting.


Hopefully, the military would be able to deliver the goods, so the government could get its act together in pursuing a politico-military solution to the war which has been bleeding the country for13 years.

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