Recently, whilst I was speaking to one of my good old friends, I found out that he had completely lost the passion he had towards his original dreams and that he was living a very low laid life as if he had no passion at all. Also, it is very common these days to witness [...]


Dehydration of Passion


Recently, whilst I was speaking to one of my good old friends, I found out that he had completely lost the passion he had towards his original dreams and that he was living a very low laid life as if he had no passion at all. Also, it is very common these days to witness people talking with very low and dull tones that carry a dehydrated passion. A man will physically dehydrate if he does not consume the required amount of water and maintain healthy food habits. So, does passion lose its vibrance if it is not managed appropriately. It is natural for one to lose the passion he has towards his aspirations if he does not concentrate on his thoughts by continuously feeding contributive thoughts towards his dreams.

Unfortunately, what many people do these days is feeding their passion, eroding thoughts as that is what we constantly hear from morning to night. From the SMS’s to the news to the interviews to the documentaries from small talks to big talks, it is all about the crisis, the uncertainty, calamity, fear, stress and anxiety. You are what you believe in. All innovations this world is blessed with exists because one fine day, someone thought that what they believed in was possible. When Thomas Alwa Edison failed many a times in developing the electricity bulb, many people may have proclaimed that he was insane. However, he believed in his aspirations.

When Henry Ford’s wife went to the market, the neighbouring women told her that they felt sad that she had to live her life with a crazy man who always says he will manufacture cars in mass scale. Even though no one believed in Ford, he continued to believe in himself. Not only did he believe in himself but he continued to act on what he believed until he reached his aspired destination. It is natural to get disrupted when you hear disastrous news from every avenue of your exposure. This can happen when the belief you have in yourself is far less than the trust you place on the news about the strong situation. The moment you surrender your thoughts to the roaring noise of your negativity, your passion begins to dehydrate and ultimately it dies even before it is born to the world.

A woman would bear pain for nine months until she gives birth to her child and receives the utmost status of motherhood. Also, there are many women who abort their babies in their womb itself even before they see the light of this world. Recently, a mother embraced her son tightly and protected him when they got stuck in an unprotected railway crossing. She sacrificed her life allowing her son to live in this world. If you do not have an unwavering commitment towards your dreams, then they will just die even before they are born to this world. If giving up became our first resort during our past, then there is a tendency that we will give up on our future battles as well, because giving up has been programmed as our default answer to fiery battles. Any nature that you were born with can be changed if you have the yearning to change them. That does not mean that you could overcome the negativity the very next day after making the decision.

There are two yous in you, the you that you have opted to come forward during the past will always be the first to respond during a challenge. If that you, is accustomed to giving up, then you become a person who will give up at the first attempt. If the you, you have opted is used to procrastinate, then you will become a person who procrastinates everything. If that you is afraid to come to the society, then you become a person who will isolate yourself from the world. There Is another you who is positive, yet you have tamed and tied him in a corner by not training him until he reaches his full potential. A dog who is weak because he has not been fed and is tied, cannot come forward. Only the free dog who is given authority will attempt to appear. If you tie your real personality, then your duplicate self will take control over you.

Just because your dad always lives in anger does not mean that you must also live in anger. People say that it is the DNA. Well, anything could be changed as long as you decide to change them. Many rich people are born poor. Many educated people hail from uneducated families. You are what you believe in. I came from a poor family but I am no longer poor because I believed that I could become rich. No one in my generation has ever been a CEO, but I believed that I could reach greater heights. Now I see that both my children are doing many things which I could not do and that makes me extremely content. The destiny of a generation is decided by the beliefs of the prevailing head of that generation.

Until the age of thirty, I did not even have a foot cycle of my own. What if I had justified that state by saying that this is my fate or that I deserve that state as a consequence of what I have done? There is nobody in this world who has never made mistakes. What is important is that you decide to overcome them, even though it may be a huge struggle. I have been through a countless number of drug rehabilitation centers, yet, I always thrived to come out of the menace I was in. People said a person who smacked heroin will never give up until they die. I have proven it wrong.

Therefore, protect your passion and do not let negative news dehydrate your passion. Just as you put on a helmet when you ride, you must guard your passion with powerful encouraging thoughts so that the enemy of discouragement cannot attack you. One of the most powerful weapons of the enemy is discouragement. It clearly knows all that it takes to detach  you from your purpose of life is to discourage you. Times are tough but we should not let go of holding on to our dreams. My son Joshua recently missed the bus and I am proud of him as he walked all the way home from Kohuwala to Rattanapitiya.

We may miss a few buses due to the crisis but we must always seek alternative routes. Do not let your passion dehydrate you. Always moisten it by recalling your dreams. When people talk about the disaster, leave that place and speak to someone who speaks with hope. Always sit with winners, as they will feed your passion. Losers will always drag you into their society as jealousy is a common ingredient amongst many.

Do not allow the current situation in Sri Lanka to take control of your present and resolve your future. No situation could estimate your future. It is only your beliefs that could decide who you are going to be in the future. Dig and mine the dreams out of your children, water them continuously and train them to fight from the beginning, so that they will never give up even when they grow up. We see highly educated children leading meaningless lives. Also, there are people who are engaged in super jobs, yet they suffer miserably in life. Children from very good schools suicide at a young age just because they lost their love. People just give up or seek the easy way out as many have not been trained to fight from the beginning. Our system has failed to develop strength in our children alongside their growth. Education has become mere knowledge. Attitudes, beliefs and values have been thrown out of the syllabus. Thus, children have become very weak in facing challenges.

Just think for a moment, are you presently in a situation where your dreams are dying as your passion is dehydrated. Have you given up your goals just because you are not passionate anymore to fuel those dreams? I have some good dreams and I will fight for them until I leave this world. Let your children witness you and learn from you on how to fight. When you feel tired, it is certainly alright to keep your sword on the ground and shed a few tears if needed. But, please make sure that you pick your sword up and step back to the battle again and fight a good fight for your children and the next generation.

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