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The hurry to award the Central Expressway Project hara-kiri for Lanka’s economy

The hurry to award the Central Expressway Project hara-kiri for Lanka’s economy

Namini Wijedasa writing in the Sunday Times of March 27 under the headline ‘Highway Ministry Speeding ahead with controversial bid’, raises the alarm that another controversial expressway contract may be awarded. The proposed 19.6 km Rambukkana-Galagedera section of the Central Expressway Project (CEP) appears to be yet another faux-pas, which is in no way beneficial [...]

US supplies a staggering array of arms to Ukraine battling a major nuclear power

UNITED NATIONS — As the devastating war in Ukraine continues– with thousands of civilian killings and entire cities reduced to rubble– the United States has accelerated an unprecedented flow of weapons to the besieged nation. If Ukraine loses the ongoing war, it is certainly not for want of weapons. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken [...]

Need of the hour: Fearless civil service in Lanka – Point of view

After months of agitation for fertiliser, enduring long power cuts, and having to queue for basics such as diesel, petrol, gas and milk powder, we see the appointment of a new Governor to the Central Bank and Secretary to the Treasury as a relief and welcome move in the right direction. The new duo after [...]

The incredible bouncing Ruble

After plummeting in value following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the ruble has clawed its way back to its pre-war levels. But this should be of little comfort to the Kremlin, because the factors that drove the ruble’s rebound augur additional problems for Russia’s economic performance. The West has exhibited near-unprecedented unity and resolve in its [...]

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