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Aktha Pathra presentation

Aktha Pathra presentation

Ven Konakagala Uditha Thera was presented Aktha Pathra by the Maha Nayaka of the Amarapura Maha Nikaya recently. Ven Konakagala Uditha Thera, Chief Prelate of the Sri Wijitha Maha Viharaya, in Konakagala,  Kandy, and Director of the Sri Saddhananda Maha Pirivena, Konakagala, was presented with the distinguished Anu Nayaka credentials (Aktha Pathra) under the auspices [...]

What’s Premadasa’s option in the national crisis?

While the ruling powers of crisis-ridden Lanka are considering the IMF as a three letter word ending in F and dissenters view that it is the only way out of the national crisis, today’s suffering people of this once proclaimed paradise island are exercising their only available option: coming on to the streets on their [...]

Questions over India’s Ukraine tightrope

NEW DELHI – Russia’s war in Ukraine has exposed India’s strategic vulnerabilities as few other things could, raising fundamental questions about the country’s position in the world, its regional security, and the wisdom of its long-term relationships. India abstained in a succession of United Nations votes – in the Security Council, the General Assembly, and [...]

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