A bottle with a hole at the bottom can never be filled however much we try to fill it. Even if you pour water into it continuously for days and months, it will never be filled. Similarly, if you want to teach your children the habit of saving, you must never give them a till [...]


Life and Deathare at Your Tongue


 A bottle with a hole at the bottom can never be filled however much we try to fill it. Even if you pour water into it continuously for days and months, it will never be filled. Similarly, if you want to teach your children the habit of saving, you must never give them a till that could be opened from the bottom, where they could take the savings out whenever they want. A boat cannot reach its desired destination successfully if two people are rowing it towards two directions at the same time. It will either move forward or backwards, depending on the level of energy of the person who is rowing. If you put a very hot meal in the deep freezer, it will spoil the moment you attempt to reheat and consume it. This is exactly what happens to you, when the three components in you, The Body, Soul and Spirit do not align with each other. Even though your desire is to be wealthy, if you constantly say you do not have any money even when you have a little in your pocket, then you will never have money. Likewise, you may desire to live a healthy life, but if you continuously complain that something is wrong somewhere, then you will always be sick all throughout your life.

It is essential to keep in mind that just as your physical body requires food, so does your mind live on thoughts. If you feed your body good food, your body will be healthy, if you feed your body junk then it will certainly deteriorate in no time. Equally, if your thoughts and words are aligned with negativity, your mind will have the ability to harvest sadness and misery, as that is what you have been cultivating all throughout the entire day.

It is indeed very sad to see people lose their battles even before the battle has begun. They simply proclaim defeat verbally even before the battle takes place. As you are a single unit put together in body, soul and spirit, the moment your tongue proclaims defeat, the rest of yourself will readily align with it, that is the way even a machine works. I have seen children who bear a spirit of rejection as their mothers have been cursing them whilst they were in their wombs. At instances when some women make incorrect decisions in their relationships and fall pregnant, they continuously curse thefetus in their womb because of the insecurity they have about the future of the child as well as the grudge they hold towards the person who cheated on them.

Since the child in the womb is connected to the mother, the baby automatically grasps the cursing words of the mother. Those words of rejection are the very first words that are fed to the child’s mind. This little mind is said that he or she is a useless and rejected child. That is the reason it is said that by feeding love you can revert hatred and thoughts of rejection from such minds. If you need to get rid of the bitterness in a curry, you must either add sugar or something equivalent to override the bitterness. Likewise, if you are to transform your thinking pattern, something that possesses greater power must be constantly fed until the mastering thoughts become smaller and smaller that it disappears from view, or else you must allow the new positive thoughts to take over.

Your words are very powerful, therefore, be very careful when using them. Even though my children are not perfect I always talk good about them. Even their imperfections could be replaced if their minds have the background to settle down and understand that they possess a good spirit. Yet, if you continue to say that they are bad spirited children, and if they are exposed to it on a daily basis then their minds will define them as “useless”. I have seen how many parents destroy the confidence of their little children by talking negatively about them in front of others. The more you discriminate against your children in front of the society, the more you are influencing them to release destructive energy into their fresh minds. Do your words give life or death to your children?

Uttering positive words just because a famous positive thinker says so will not take you anywhere. It is more like going on a treasure hunt based on a map given by an unknown person. It also sounds like saying that you love to listen to a specific song simply because your peers like it a lot, whereas you do not like that song at all. Positive words alone will not have any power unless it is aligned with your mind, where your mind agrees by saying “yes” or “I agree with what I proclaim”. When your tongue aligns well with your soul and spirit, then it could release either death or life, whichever you proclaim.

Once myself and my wife stepped into a specific land, the trees of that land did not bloom with flowers, from day one we constantly released blessings to that land and in a few weeks the trees began to blossom with flowers in abundance. Once there was actually a time when one of the trees was covered with so many white flowers, so much so that it was able to override its leaves. That is why there is a well-known saying that states “brindle your tongue”. It is vital to keep your mouthfastened rather than releasing bitter and destructive energies out of it.  Discipline your mind to appreciate the good side of everything, over and above the bad sides. Speak out loud about those good things and tame your mind, which by nature attempts to grumble and murmur. Tell your children that they are the best in the world.  They actually are, if you recognise them in that way.  However much a donkey exhibits before a dog, the dog will never be attracted to the donkey nor does a lion get attracted to a dog even though he may present himself very well. A male donkey will align only with a female donkey, and a lion will become intimate only with a lioness. Commonness is the prime criteria for a party to flock around its breed. It is the same reason that entices the Hispanics to live around the Hispanics and the Jewish to live around the Jewish. Similarly, our body, soul and spirit are interconnected, therefore, your mind which is a major part of your soul will always align with what your tongue says, if your tongue continuously proclaims defeat then your mind will certainly think only of defeat.  This can happen vice versa, whatever your mind thinks will be expressed by your tongue. The one that acts first is completely dependent on your rational or emotion. If you are an emotional person your body will tend to react first but if you are a rational person then your mind will tend to react first. Whichever takes the first attempt, it is important to escort your tongue, if not it will influence your entire wellbeing.

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