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He leaves behind a legacy of research work on Muslim issues

He leaves behind a legacy of research work on Muslim issues

M I M Mohideen Born in Akkaraipattu in the East and married to Khairul Inaya, daughter of Marhoom M A C M Saleh, a prominent Colombo businessman and deputy President of All Ceylon Muslim League, well known researcher and political activist M I M Mohideen passed away recently at the age of 84. He has [...]

There’s a Hole in the Bucket Dear Sir, Dear Sir

The answer to the persistent query of Sri Lankans in the last two years: ‘Whither Sri Lanka?’ has been finally resolved. It is the withering away of Sri Lanka. This is not the ‘Withering of the state’ Marxist prophets — Marx, Engels and Lenin — wrote about when the socialist utopia was reached: ‘The state [...]

The mutation of the vaccine apartheid

JOHANNESBURG – The reaction by governments in the Global North to the discovery of the Omicron variant of COVID-19 in South Africa has provided further proof – as if any more were needed – of the deeply inequitable response to the coronavirus pandemic. The backlash against African countries was swift and severe, as if barring [...]

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