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The 26th Bunka (Cultural) Awards conferred on seven acclaimed Lankan artists – Events

On October 21, a ceremony to confer the 26th Bunka (Cultural) Awards was held at the official residence of Sugiyama Akira, Ambassador of Japan to Sri Lanka. Seven Lankan artists, who have contributed to enriching the cultural heritage of Sri Lanka, were honoured with this prestigious decoration. The Bunka Awards was established in 1993, on [...]

When intelligence is unintelligent

When intelligence is unintelligent

Four incidents written earlier are recalled as a preamble to illustrate the predicament the country has fallen into. The predicament is one calculated to promote insecurity for other political purposes such as, to distract from the promise of plenty made during election time. Failure of police intelligence is the glaring fact in recent history. ‘Intelligence [...]

Can a new constitution make Lanka the ‘Splendid Paradise’ of Gotabaya?

Sri Lanka should be considered as an outstanding nation in its desire to change constitutions. The British Constitution, the oldest in the world, learned lawyers say, had been built on a set of legal principles, the Magna Carter, way back in 1215 — 806 years ago. The American Constitution is 233 years old while India [...]

Big Brother is watching you, as electronic surveillance proliferates

Big Brother is watching you, as electronic surveillance proliferates

UNITED NATIONS (IPS) – The British novelist George Orwell’s “1984” characterised a dystopian society where people were restricted from independent thought and were victims of constant surveillance. Published in 1949, it was a prophecy of the future with the underlying theme: “Big Brother is Watching You” Fast forward to 2021. We are back in “1984” [...]

The Taiwan Triangle

 By Richard Haass, exclusively for the Sunday Times in Sri Lanka NEW YORK – The relationship between the United States and China promises to do much to define this era. And what could determine this relationship might well be whether the two countries are able to continue to avoid armed conflict over Taiwan. But with [...]

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