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COVID brought her back home, now Rome awaits her

COVID brought her back home, now Rome awaits her

For 27-year-old Sri Lankan Taiwanese soprano Chrisni Mendis it seemed the COVID-19 pandemic brought her world to a standstill as she returned home to Sri Lanka after six years training at the Royal Conservatory of Scotland. However she can now see the silver lining as another exciting opportunity beckons, this time in Italy – the [...]

Paving the way for female gamers

While the gaming industry has been popularly dominated by the male gender, female gamers are slowly but surely making waves in their own right. This week the Mirror Magazine  reached out to gaming streamer Mekhala ‘LaRa’ Uthpali, the face behind the gaming channel ‘LaRa Streaming’. Mekhala’s gaming channel ‘LaRa Streaming” has amassed nearly 3000 subscribers [...]

Blood donation to mark Duke of Edinburgh Day

On October 22 every year, the National Youth Awards Unit and the Gold Award Holders Association (GAHA) celebrate Youth Award Day and Duke of Edinburgh Day, commemorating Prince Philip’s first visit to Sri Lanka. This year will be the 41st anniversary of the late Duke’s visit and Dr. Yogabandu Rajakaruna, GAHA’s Senior Advisor and Founding [...]

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