The Glittering gold that you are so fond of did not appear from nowhere just as a piece of jewellery. The gold mineral that is originally mixed with soil, goes through a tough purification process under a very high temperature. Similarly, the delicious taste of cashew cannot be tasted unless someone chooses to go through [...]


Gold is made in High Heat

Be Thankful for the Problems You Faced in Life

The Glittering gold that you are so fond of did not appear from nowhere just as a piece of jewellery.

The gold mineral that is originally mixed with soil, goes through a tough purification process under a very high temperature. Similarly, the delicious taste of cashew cannot be tasted unless someone chooses to go through the rigorous process of removing the hard covering of it.

The outer covering of the cashews that we enjoy so much are removed individually by undergoing a lot of hardship. Motherhood, the most precious moment in a woman’s life, does not come just by singing and dancing, it comes with enormous pain and suffering.

Yet, the very moment she finally overcomes labour of giving birth, she reaches “Motherhood”, a precious state of unspeakable bliss in a woman’s life. Even though the eagle loves her eaglets, by the time they are ready to fly, she stirs up their nest to encourage the eaglets to fly. If not, the baby eagles would never leave their nest and attempt to fly like an eagle should.

A baby falls multiple times, until he learns to walk steadily. The Dhal curry which we find mouthwatering, obtained its taste from the coconut milk that was added to it after a cumbersome process from breaking the coconut to scraping it to squeezing the scraped coconut until the milk is derived.

If all the good in life comes through a process of challenges and constraints, then why on earth do we grumble, mumble and complain when we are to go through them?

Though we comprehend the laws pertaining to human nature, we fail to adapt to them whenever the circumstance arises. We do so as we have come to realise that it is not talking which is challenging but walking. As per the original manual of human beings, man always craves for pleasure and comfort.

People work hard to earn money to feed their intention of living a lavish life with less misery.

There is nothing wrong in working hard towards prosperity, yet, one must keep in mind that problems are a part and parcel of the process. The ultimate goal is that we move forward with a spirit of thanksgiving rather than a spirit of complaining.

I could never have attained what I am today if not for the series of challenges and fiery flames that I had to go through in the past.

I am honestly thankful for each and every challenge I had to face, if not for those challenges I will never be as strong as I am today, nor will I possess the capacity to face the turbulences and storms which we all go through in life from time to time. I am thankful to all the girls who left me since I did not have anything. They taught me to move forward in life amidst rejection.

If not, I would never be able to master rejection. Today when people reject me, I simply smile from within and walk away happily, as I have passed more superior examinations in the past.

I am also thankful for the days I ate rice and dry fish bones, those times have taught me the secret of contentment.

I am thankful for the days I slept inside toilets, they taught me the value of a peaceful sleep. I am so determined to never grumble about anything, I would rather be thankful about everything. You cannot reach this state overnight. Yet, the more you pursue the more ground you are clearing. Ultimately you will be able to free the ground for you.

Whilst walking in the desert, a camel ride will definitely be an ease for you but, a heavy bag of stones on your head will undoubtedly hold you back from moving forward.

That’s exactly what thanksgiving and complaining could do to your life. I urge you to understand that complaining about the challenges will put you down further to its negative force. Similarly, since the spirit of thanksgiving is a positive force, it will certainly push you forward.

Whenever you do not have enough to meet your needs, practice being thankful for those situations, that experience will train you to move forward during the times of need. If you choose to cry over the situation then you will stagnate and you will never be able to acquire the skills of moving forward at times of need. Success is not obtaining everything in the world, it is moving ahead without ceasing.

There are a lot of people who obtain golden mansions, yet they live in misery. Every time people hurt you, practice to be thankful for them, if not for them you would not learn to move ahead amidst rejection.

If you are expecting everybody in your life to love and appreciate you, then you are no different to a farmer who expects only rain for his cultivation. There is a role that both the sun and the rain must play. If you think that the rain is horrifying and only the sun is sufficient to live.

Then, why not try eating the same meal all year round three times a day. Just as the meal that is meant to be our breakfast meets a purpose, so does the meal we have for lunch meet another different purpose.

The worst problem is that even though we understand all these realities when we face them we tend to seek avenues to escape those circumstances. You cannot win a race by running outside of the track.

You are definitely expected to compete on the track to finish the race. Life is a marathon that we must complete with perseverance.

A heart that complains will hold you back and stagnate you but a heart that gives thanks will motivate you to compete in the marathon whilst benefiting everybody around you.

The other concern I have is, can you actually escape the challenges you are facing by complaining about them? The more you complain the more you live in misery. The more you scratch the wound the more its healing process would be delayed.

The reality is that even your mother and father have a limit to which they can help you to get over a problem. Therefore, choose to fight the battle with a thankful heart.

When I look back in life, I am glad that numerous people have attempted to pull my leg.

Today, my legs are strong as it has been trained to move forward steadily amidst the many challenges that pulled me back.

I was just wondering what happened to those people and I found out that they are struggling painfully in their lives I moved upward and forward like an eagle.

My heart is compassionate towards them. Therefore, I pray that they get over their struggles one fine day with a thankful heart.

Complaining is a parasite that sucks out all your energy. Giving thanks is like a drip of saline that is given to move forward when you are feeble.

I learnt to comprehend the goodness of bitter gourd instead of the bitterness of it. If you grumble and murmur about the bitterness of bitter gourd, you would not be able to enjoy its benefits.

You are what you choose to become. Please do not be adamant. Choose to move forward without stagnating. Washing clothes is surely a hassle but it is a million times better than living in dirty clothes.

Do not let your attitude of complaining contaminate your heart. Sanitize your heart by giving thanks constantly. Then, you are certain to see a clear difference in your life.

Happiness cannot be purchased from outside, it has to be produced from within us. Choose to prepare the foreground of your heart to produce happiness from within and shut the gates of your heart towards the enemy of complaining.


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