A plastic sword would not make you good enough for the battlefield. Similarly, toy kitchen utensils will ignite if they are tried on an actual burner. If you need to pawn your jewellery in an emergency, the pawning center will not accept your imitation chain or bangles. We live in a world where people judge [...]


Paper Boats for a Real Sea Journey


A plastic sword would not make you good enough for the battlefield. Similarly, toy kitchen utensils will ignite if they are tried on an actual burner.

If you need to pawn your jewellery in an emergency, the pawning center will not accept your imitation chain or bangles.

We live in a world where people judge very easily. If you tell someone to use kerosene instead of petrol or diesel, they would consider you a lunatic. On the flip side those who considered you a lunatic will be seen making paper boats to sail through the rough sea. Unpredicted hits are the most powerful hits, if something blows you down at an unexpected moment, it can push you right down so hard to rock bottom that rising from it may seem arduous.

I am constantly in anticipation of life’s battle as I am aware of the consequence of an unexpected blow on a human being. You cannot be as unwise to step into a thick forest with a birthday candle in hand. Even little ants prepare themselves for the winter. Yet, so called wise men struggle to be content during a pandemic as a result of their poor preparation in life.

They have allowed their meals and clothes to define their happiness. Some people find it very difficult to attain peace of mind and a smile on their face after a meal of bread and coconut sambol. People have been so occupied making paper boats that the rough COVID 19 pushed many to a fiery furnace.

I am not talking about death, as it is inescapable to both you and me just as our birth. The message I am trying to convey to you is that we must be equipped for the battle in between. Living in the very moment is indeed blissful, yet if you are unaware of the next moment then you show no difference to an unwise housewife who cooks for a group of fifty people when only five people are invited to the party.

Are you consciously heading towards building your inner self so that you are equipped to face the long term life journey? Or are you insanely working on your outer presentation just for the sake of obtaining short term acceptance from your surroundings? If you are conscious that a paper boat is insufficient to sail on a rough sea, why not work hard and build a solid ship that would help you to sail smoothly with an even keel.

Recently my thirteen year old son Joshua cooked a delicious meal for the family, but he left the kitchen chores undone.

We advised him that he has missed out on the most important practice that he must acquire from the activity which is completing a task till the end. You would never die as a result of consuming tasteless food but you will surely struggle in life if you do not possess the habit of completing things.

I have seen many people struggle as they have not trained themselves nor their children on consistency and resilience. During my studies, when I attended lectures, my lecturer requested the students to volunteer and come forward to do a presentation.

I eagerly stepped forward in a context where my friends were hiding their faces from the lecturer. I had a clear understanding that it was important for me to mould my personality by challenging my fears rather than looking good in the eyes of the girls by just pretending that I could do something which I actually cannot do. If people laugh at you, “so what?”

They would not pay the school fees for your children. What do you think is most important to you? Is it the temporary acceptance of the surrounding? Or a responsible life with abundant blessings?

You cannot reap a fruit if you do not toil for it. A clean suit with an empty pocket is worthless in the presence of a dirty suit with a plentiful wallet. You need to prioritise clearly the resources of your happiness; in this instance, what is important is not the suit but what you have in your wallet.

A clean suit does not possess the possibility to feed your children at times when your wallet is empty. Therefore, anticipate to be wise and equip yourself for the future. Do not be proud of your possessions today, as you might be obsolete tomorrow. It is better to have yourself well equipped with the necessary tools to face tomorrow.

Master your skills, as tomorrow’s expectations will certainly diverge. Are you equipped with what you might need to get through a storm? Or will you sink to the bottom when life hits you hard?

Money, fame, dignity and acceptance are worthless unless you possess a mature personality to taste them. Recall my article written on “The Golden Toothbrush of a Toothless Man”? Likewise, Work on protecting your teeth and strengthening your gums so that you have the opportunity to use the golden toothbrush you acquire.

Yet, if you choose your fleshly cravings to eat sweets excessively, and neglect brushing your teeth on a daily basis due to your laziness, then there is no point in owning a golden toothbrush as you would not have teeth to brush your teeth.

Guide your children for the battle of life, so that they are prepared to face the future. Enhance their skills in bouncing back so that they are prepared to move forward whilst building their survival skills so that they could hang on during the tough times.

Most importantly, guide them through the truth so that their enemy cannot deceive them, as you have already informed them about the deceptive strategy of the enemy. You must understand that in the very moment you are living, you are preparing yourself for the next moment in life. Therefore, regard each and every challenge in life as a practice session of the battles that you might have to face tomorrow.

If you neglect your practice sessions you will not be competent for the game. Every season in life holds a lesson whilst every lesson in life seasons your personality.

When we started our married life, we never borrowed for a single rupee, even from our parents. We understood that it was important to mould ourselves to be content with what we have. If you beg from people when you are in need, you will never be able to train yourself to be content in any circumstance. Contentment is a powerful tool hence acquiring it is even more important than selling the opportunity to grow. I pay a lot of attention in mastering battling skills. As life is a battle from the time you get up in the morning until you lay your head on the pillow at night. If you are aware of what you need to have in hand for your next battle then you are in authority over the challenge.

If not, the challenge will surely overrule you. It is one of the most miserable feelings to feel that you have just stepped into a seven star hotel with all the luxury and a rich buffet, just to find out that you have no appetite to enjoy the food as you have filled your stomach with a lot of worthless junk on your way to the hotel.

Be attentive and mindful about the battles that you and your children must face in days to come.

Thereby be well equipped with all the necessary armoury, so that you are prepared to withstand the storms in life successfully. Be realistic about life, have an accurate evaluation, as life is bound to shoot you with storms, challenges, turbulence and disputes that are unavoidable. If you have been busy making paper boats, you would end up weeping when you start sinking in the water.

If you have been busy building solid ships, then you are in control over your problem, if not the problem will make the final decision for you.

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