A five year old child can be very reluctant to tell his parents his sicknesses due to the fear he has towards injections. However, if the parents tell him that an operation is even more painful than an injection then the possibility of the child revealing the truth is higher. Suffering is the last thing [...]


Are You Taking Headache Pills for a Heart Attack?


A five year old child can be very reluctant to tell his parents his sicknesses due to the fear he has towards injections.

However, if the parents tell him that an operation is even more painful than an injection then the possibility of the child revealing the truth is higher. Suffering is the last thing any human being would like to experience. On the other hand, my grandmother who seeks constant attention from her children complains of numerous illnesses which she doesn’t even have. Concealing the actual condition as well as deceiving a condition are equally detrimental, as we will never receive the accurate treatment that we ought to get for our actual sickness. On many occasions we tend to take inaccurate corrective measures by misleading ourselves that they help us to overcome the complications within us, which hold us back from moving forward in life’s journey.

You would not be alive if you take paracetamol when you are getting a heart attack. Similarly replacing your mattress will not cure your spine ache nor will changing your plate solve the changes of your appetite. Wearing a long covering skirt only envelops the skin disorder, it is not a cure.

My aunt once took me to a psychiatrist, when the doctor constantly questioned me to analyse my condition in detail, I told him who I thought I was and not who I really was. The doctor told my aunt that he cannot treat me effectively as I am a fake and I am hiding the true occurrence.

The real cause was buried deep inside. I was not allowing him to explore so that he can discover who I really was. I did that with the intention that I could receive a less painful remedy for the problem. If you get a heart attack it would be of no use if you are given the medication that is given for a headache. As they are two different illnesses of two entirely different classifications which need two different types of examining and two different types of treatments.

In order for a student to prosper in his education, first, he must understand that he is the student and the teacher knows more than him. Likely, if a patient needs medication for a sickness from a doctor, then the patient must understand that he is the patient and not the doctor. Many patients attempt to instruct the doctor, in that case it is unnecessary to meet a doctor.

If a student is keen in mastering his Karate Skills he ought to understand that the Sensei is much superior and knowledgeable than him. If not it is as though someone is trying to fill a bottle that has a tightly closed lid. When a person shuts himself believing that he is filled to the brim, it is impossible to fill him as he is already under the impression that he is completely full even though he is empty in reality. If we expect to become victorious in life first, we need to ground our feet in reality and understand who we are and what we need to undergo in order to go where we want to go.

Unless, our life on earth would be like a patient who takes paracetamol when he is having a heart attack. There are four types of selves in this world. The first is the “Open Self”, where all your information is revealed to yourself as well as the others. This is not a chronic status, as the necessary information are revealed to both parties. Therefore, it can be corrected easily. It is as though a patient is visiting the doctor with all the necessary laboratory reports disclosed with the patient’s physical status making it much simpler for the doctor to treat him as all the necessary reports are in hand.

The second self is the “Blind Self” where everybody knows about you yet, you think differently about yourself. When I was consuming drugs, I thought I knew everything. Whereas I knew nothing, as I would not have taken such dangerous drugs if I was aware of it. Sometimes we can come into wrong interpretations about us. Mosty our encircle knows us way better than we know about ourselves, as our true selves are regularly exposed to them.

I was a highly conceited personality even though I was at a low ebb in reality. During the times I was vulnerable, I did not even possess a penny to scratch my back, nevertheless I was acting as though I knew the queen of England in person. In order for such people to be treated, he must either be brought into his conscience or else a serious eye opener should happen to him so that he would open his inner eyes and identify who he really is.

The third self is the “Hidden Self” where you are fully aware of yourself, yet you hide your true nature and reveal a different personality to the society purely for acceptance. These sorts of people are nasty inside the house but they are saints in the society.

This is a very dangerous situation, as you do not treat yourself with the precise treatment clearly knowing that you are sick yet you act as though you are perfectly alright. The last self is the “Unknown Self” where neither you nor the others know anything about you. This is a serious situation. It is like an underlying cancer that could destroy the life of a person. As he nor his surrounding knows about him.

On this wonderful day I invite you to diagnose yourself and identify your true self so that the process of treatment is done effectively. Before marriage I told my precious wife all my weaknesses so that she could administrate me effectively.

If I had lied to her and hid my weaknesses, then the foundation of our marriage would not be strong. As it is not built on a rock solid foundation known as honesty. Train your children to practice honesty. Do not shout at a child when they make a mistake. It will prevent them from opening up themselves honestly out of the fear that they have on you and the way you treat them when they tell the truth. Every time our children make a mistake, we do not shout at them rather encourage them to be honest in revealing the true incident.

Then we can handle the situation gradually. I do not intend to say that I do not discipline them, as I most certainly do so. Disciplining out of anger and disciplining out of love surely have two different flavours. Obviously that I may not be the best father in the world, but I certainly would love to be. It is all about who you want to be and what you really want in life. This is why it is of utmost importance to have a vision in life. If not, life would be as though you are groping in the darkness.

You ought to walk in broad daylight so that the beauty of life is grasped amidst the challenges. When you are unaware of where you really want to go, nothing will inspire you to move forward.

Therefore, remember my advice very well, do not take the pills you take for a headache when you are getting a heart attack.

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