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Someone’s book can be another’s shoes

Someone’s book can be another’s shoes

‘Read and Return’ is an initiative begun by 20-year-old Chamya Liyanage back in December 2019. An avid reader encouraged by her family particularly by her older sister when she was quite young, Chamya too wanted to inspire others to read as she noticed many people around her saying how they missed reading when they were [...]

Lanka’s two Diana Award winners spurred on to do more for peace

Two Sri Lankans were honoured with The Diana Award 2021 for their community service and volunteer efforts. On June 28, as the 2021 Virtual Diana Award Ceremony premiered on YouTube, Anojitha Sivaskaran and Janith Prabashwara Perera were in high company, with Britain’s Prince Harry, judges and board members of the Diana Award and other award [...]

Guiding Little Friends and Guides with disabilities

The Sri Lanka Girl Guides Association (SLGGA), was initiated in 1917 at Girls’ High School Kandy and just seven years later, in 1924, the SLGGA expanded to involve girls and young women who were hearing and sight impaired. This resulted in the formation of the Branch for the Handicapped. Today the branch has over 500 [...]

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‘Asammathaya’ by PRIVATE hit the top of hip-hop

‘Asammathaya’ by PRIVATE hit the top of hip-hop

The young talents in Sri Lanka are now opening out to the world stage through many avenues. The creators are using the current pandemic situation to produce the best creations to the larger audiences. ‘PRIVATE’, the newest hip-hop artiste in town is who is keen to show up the real meaning of hip hop for [...]

‘Peo Legend’ features Music Master Roksamy

‘Peo Legend’, a musical programme presented by National Rupavahini will feature M. K. Rocksamy, the late musical maestro who made thousands of popular songs and immensely contributed to cinema music from 1960s to 1980s. Felicitating the creative journey of Rocksamy who was born to a musical family came from Goa, India, ‘Peo Legend’ will be [...]

Cinema Anthology by new filmmakers on pandemic

Cinema Anthology by new filmmakers on pandemic

Since March 2019, the theatres were closed, shooting of films was stopped and cinema came to a standstill. Even though cinema halls were opened for a brief breaks, films were screened for almost empty audience. In 2020 the New Year came but the situation continued. However those dreaming to make cinemas wanted somehow to express [...]

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