We often hear people say “Don’t cry like a baby mate”. Crying is related as a crime or trait of an inferior personality. The world and human beings exist in accordance to a balance formula, where one side depicts the need of the other side. If morning dawns, night is sure to come. If there [...]


Lay the Sword on the Ground and Refuel Yourself


We often hear people say “Don’t cry like a baby mate”. Crying is related as a crime or trait of an inferior personality.

The world and human beings exist in accordance to a balance formula, where one side depicts the need of the other side. If morning dawns, night is sure to come.

If there is winter there surely is summer too. Just as brightness is emitted when the light is switched on so does it disappear when the light is switched off. The feeling and taste of one side complements the other because the other side exists. The only object that does not feel these effects are robots who do not have a soul therefore, they do not have thoughts, feelings and emotions. In order to feel the flavour of tea, it needs a bit of sugar yet to improve the taste of a curry, it needs a bit of salt. Therefore, one cannot say that sugar is the only taste enhancer as different types of food need different taste enhancers to make it flavoursome. Tears release the pain of a human being.

Just as an acid is formed in order to digest your food, so are tears formed to digest pain and release it out of your heart. Periodically your body releases the acid that assists food digestion, even though you do not take your meals regularly, the specific acid is emitted, the constant occurrence of this incident damages your bowels as there is only acid and no food to digest.

Likewise tears and laughter are two different elements that sustain the emotional aspect of human beings. If these two do not exist in a human, then they become defective personalities.

A car that does not perform as it is expected, is considered faulty. By any chance if you happen to visit the Angoda National Mental Hospital, you will notice the mentally ill people who either laugh or cry throughout the day. When they are given a high voltage in a very small amount, then that electronic unit gets damaged or burnt as it cannot fathom the high capacity it was given.

Likewise, we need to be vigilant in handling our emotions if not it will make us mentally ill. Many people assume that mentally ill people are seen only at hospitals, it is completely a wrong assumption. In our day to day like we are living with people who are suffering with a variety of mental disorders.

It is essential to cry whenever your heart signals to your mind. Crying and laughing at everything is a serious issue, I agree on that. You must understand that a plant needs to be watered in order to grow. Similarly, its branches must be pruned if the tree is growing out of direction.

There is an ancient belief that strong men do not cry. It is false. If a man does not cry when his mother or father dies, he is not a man, as he does not feel the world. Happiness is attaining the pleasures of this world whilst sadness is losing them. Since both happiness and sadness exists in the world we cannot set aside tears from the picture.

In order to feel happiness a person must experience sadness. If a person has never tasted sweetness, how can he differentiate it from bitterness?

The outcome of bitterness is felt only when the effect of sweetness is experienced. When the need arises to cry you must cry until all you end all your tears. Do not save your tears, just release them to your heart’s content. The more you release your tears the more you will be surrounded by peace. Physical and mental release are both the same in terms of achieving the end result defined as “Peace”.

If you do not urinate when the urge arises, your whole system will collapse. It cannot proceed with the other activities it ought to, as one single urge has created a massive traffic avoiding other ventures from taking place. Likewise, it is only if you shed your tears when needed, that your mind will be elevated to the realm of peace to move forward with the other activities in life.

Why do you think every student across the world, regardless of their age are given an interval? Our minds possess their own capacities, it will not perform its best once the capacity is met. Can you ever fill 500ml of water to a 250ml bottle?

It is impossible. If you want to do it then you must empty the first 250ml to another container in order to arrange room for the next 250ml. Therefore, cry as much as it is required so that you can prepare space for laughter in the coming days. Do not accept anything hastily just because you saw it on Facebook. It is always advisable to raise ideas before a group of wise people who have proven to be victorious winners themselves. Do not be ashamed to cry believing that it’s an immature act. Tears and laughter are both for the babies as well as the adults. Its level and frequency will certainly differ according to each phase of life.

Just as a baby consumes solids in the form of liquid or purée so do adults consume solids. Regardless of the form it is consumed one thing is common, both the baby and the adult need food. Just as laughter is an essential part of life so are tears. Crying moulds us and elevates us towards maturity. The one who understands the true meaning of crying will not cry like a baby when he is matured. That is the reason I said crying is important, it cannot be neglected. It reshapes your personality and coaches you about life.

We all would surely face various challenges in life that appear at different levels. There are the momentarily battles such as the day to day life’s battles. On the other hand, there are battles which will remain in your life for a season mainly as a consequence of the role that you play. The role of a mother, father or son. You can overcome some challenges by fighting instantly whereas some require fighting against it for a longer time. The long run battles are certainly in need of constant breaks and emotional refills. You need to rejuvenate your energy levels from one break to another.

Shedding tears is a vital procedure of emptying the stress and pain of a struggle thereby refreshing the mind towards a revived state. I would like to remind you that it is alright to lay your sword on the ground, sit down, take a break and shed your tears until you empty your tears.

Then, stand up, take the sword back to your arms and go to the battlefield with renewed energy.

There will be times when the battle is tough, as for me, I stop for a moment and refuel myself with the sources that I believe in. Even the largest and most powerful armies do stop for a little while to reevaluate their strategies, thereafter they amend their plans to suit the level of the war at that particular time, considering the energy level of the enemy. Therefore, it is alright to sit down as long as you are determined to stand up and refuel yourself back, stronger than you were.

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