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Carrying on sweet traditions

Carrying on sweet traditions

The Avurudu season beckons as we hear the insistent call of the koha, see the bright erabadu flowers blooming and of course, anticipate the sounds and smells of the sweet treats that adorn the Avurudu mesaya with the tell-tale sizzling of kokis being fried and the smells of sugar, honey and spice wafting in the [...]

Getting into Avurudu spirit with mini redda hattes and sarongs

Getting into Avurudu  spirit with mini  redda hattes and sarongs

There was a time when parents struggled to find mini ‘redda hattes’ and sarongs and shirts for their children to wear for Avurudu. It was rare to find ready-made outfits and many had to turn to buying the material and getting tailored kits done for their kids. However, with the demand for traditional attire for [...]

University students on a mission to Maligawatte

They went bearing very welcome and essential gifts recently into the heart of the Maligawatte underprivileged settlement, where almost all families have been hit by the COVID-19 fallout for more than a year. Earlier, in the morning,  12 university students bearing the ‘Lifestory’ banner, all members of a project named ‘Lifeline’ gathered to fill to [...]

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