For a sea of shoppers, a happi-happi New Year

For a sea of shoppers, a happi-happi New Year

  Despite high prices, a continuing threat from COVID-19 and health guidelines such as physical distancing, Pettah’s Main Street was packed with Avurudu shoppers. Last…

Govt. seeks deals with oil producing countries

The rapid depreciation of the rupee and an anticipated ballooning of the country’s oil import bill, have forced Sri Lanka for the first time to…

In 2014, Govt. paid US$ 6.5 million to CIA mole, who has now been jailed

The Sri Lankan Government in 2014 paid US$ 6.5mn through its Central Bank to an American businessman, who was a CIA mole, to buy influence…


COPE finds SLC spending on Hathurusingha ‘comical’

COPE finds SLC spending on Hathurusingha ‘comical’

SLC may end up paying millions on legal fees over Hathurusingha's sacking

Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) may end up paying millions as legal fees, may be even closer to what the total amount they had to pay…

Student – Athlete, High Jumper Ushan Thiwenka Perera

In writing about Ushan Thiwenka Perera, my purpose is twofold;…

Business Times

Firecrackers galore!

Firecrackers galore!

Firecrackers being prepared for packing ahead of the Sinhala and Hindu New Year at the town of Kimbulapitiya (near Negombo), about 37 km from Colombo.…

Treasury move to handle special GST sparks protests

The takeover by the Treasury of some of the functions of the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) along with the introduction of an online managed single…

Tourism industry cries foul over new draft Act

Sri Lanka’s tourism industry on Friday voiced their opposition over the sudden move by the authorities to change the Tourism Act of 2005 and highlighted…

Sri Lanka Tourism turns back the calendar!

Sunday Times E-Paper


A ‘new city’ and its all-powerful Commission

Colombo, the capital is going to be split up into an “old city” and a “new city”. That’s according to the Urban Development Authority’s plans published last week by this newspaper, with the Port City being the new city. That Beijing applied further pressure recently to fast forward the completion…


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