A recipe for disaster as bird haven gets set for Avurudu Ulela  I currently live in Kandy due to the COVID situation, though my work is usually in South East Asia. Even though I dislike visiting Colombo, I do visit my in-laws’ home in Bird Park, Madiwela and truly enjoy the beautiful environment around there. [...]


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A recipe for disaster as bird haven gets set for Avurudu Ulela 

I currently live in Kandy due to the COVID situation, though my work is usually in South East Asia. Even though I dislike visiting Colombo, I do visit my in-laws’ home in Bird Park, Madiwela and truly enjoy the beautiful environment around there.

I had heard about Diyasaru Uyana, so decided to check it out.  I was delighted to find an amazing place.  It was very rich with bird life and well designed in a naturalistic way with minimum disturbance to the environment.  It was complete with board walks, footpaths, bird hides and a tower to enable bird watchers to get an aerial view of the park.

However, when I was about to leave I saw several vehicles coming in and a lot of activity: banners advertising various well known brands; and dancers, cameraman; and heavy sound systems were being set up.  Drones were being used. In a flash the beautiful tranquil place was being turned into a carnival.  When I inquired from the Diyasaru Uyana staff they unhappily informed me that there was going to be an Avurudu Ulela on the premises.

I was horrified to discover this.  It is undoubtedly going to cause huge disruption to this haven and the birds will be forced to leave the area and the current breeding season will be ruined.

I immediately rang Dushy Perera, President of Ruk Rakaganno and Prof. Sarath Kotagama to inform them.

I bring this to the urgent attention of all concerned parties and hope this will never occur again.

Vasantha Nugegoda   Zoologist

Kudos to officials at vaccination centre in Dehiwala

I am an octogenarian living in Dehiwala. People in my area were informed that the vaccine will be given at the S. De S.Jayasinghe hall on March 17, starting at 9 a.m. Accordingly, I went there at around 8.30 and found that there were more than 50 people already in the queue.

I stood near the closed gate and managed to draw the attention of one of those who were making arrangements in the hall. I told him that it would be difficult for me to keep standing for long and asked him for one of the plastic chairs from the hall. He promptly got a chair and passed it to me over the gate, and I was able to remain seated while waiting to gain entry to the hall.

Promptly at 9 a.m.,our IDs were checked and we were taken in. Thereafter an official card and consent form were given. As there were large numbers waiting to receive the vaccine, several desks had been set up where officials were recording the details of each person before directing them to receive the vaccine. There was no hassle at all, and at each stage we remained seated for not more than a minute until we were called up.

After receiving the jab we were requested to remain seated for a short while as a precautionary measure.I left at 9.35 a.m. The public announcements that were made from time to time were very helpful. The presence of the GN 540A among those queuing outside was most reassuring.

I would like to congratulate the health officials at this centre and thank them for the excellent arrangements made.

 L Wijesinghe   Via email

World Cup 1996 – nail-biting semi-finals with India worthy of replaying

Twenty five years ago, Sri Lanka won the cricket World Cup led by Captain Cool after a nail-biting final. From the very commencement of the match, it was nail-biting; both teams had sensational ups and downs. There were many turning points in favour of the Sri Lankans owing mainly to the unprecedented strategies meticulously adopted. Those lessons learnt are food for thought especially for the younger generation in general and the current cricket team in particular.

It is important to place on record that the semi-final against India was equally nail-biting – Sri Lanka  beating India in the midst of intimidation.

The Dialog TV channel deserves the plaudits of the nation for coming forward to refresh our minds by telecasting the final.

On behalf of all Sri Lankans, I earnestly urge Dialog TV to air the semi-final match with India which was the stepping-stone for the final. Here, our great cricketers displayed their leadership traits such as grit, determination, endurance, team spirit, maturity and sportsmanship etc against all odds in a foreign country. Such a replay would definitely bring honour and respect to the entire team whose names should not be relegated to the forgotten limbo.

Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa’s speech at the medal awarding ceremony was a fitting tribute to all members of the team in that he touched on the human aspect with which our cricketers played the semi-final match under much pressure facing unsavoury remarks and throwing of missiles to the ground by the Indian fans. In essence, the endurance our cricketers displayed despite all odds was remarkable, the PM said.

The young Minister of Sports, Namal Rajapaksa should be commended too for the exceptional acumen and professionalism he has so far displayed in reviving the game of cricket with the support of the veterans who played for the 1996 World Cup.

J.A.A.S. Ranasinghe   Colombo 5

A walking path enjoyed by many now in state of neglect

Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude to all who originated the concept of a lakeside jogging path at Mattegoda and worked relentlessly on this gigantic project. Without any exaggeration this jogging path is surrounded by exotic splendour, with lotus and other beautiful flowers blooming in the lake. People really enjoy nature here with a small patch of wilderness  by the side of the path.
The Sri Lanka Navy did a tremendous job by cleaning the lake which added more beauty to the walking path. Quite a big crowd make  use of this walking path daily.
Sadly, the walking path is in a very bad shape now, and is badly in need of considerable renovation. I understand this problem has already been brought to the notice of the authorities and it has also been examined by some government officials, but  work has now come to a standstill, due to  certain objections.
While appreciating all the good work done by the government during this difficult period, I wish to draw the attention of the President, Prime Minister and the relevant minister to intervene in this matter.

 Mangalika Wijetunge   Mattegoda


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