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Lanka’s dilemma in Geneva and Myanmar

Greek philosopher Heraclitus held that everything changes with time — is in a state of flux while the Buddha himself preached of ‘Anichcha’ (impermanence). All this reveals the stark reality of life and Sri Lankan politics as we stretch ourselves in the ‘hansiputuwa’ and ruminate about the past and think of the future. Velupillai Prabakaran’s [...]

Money laundering: The darker side of the world’s offshore financial system

UNITED NATIONS (IPS) – A sign outside a laundry in New York city had a frivolously flippant slogan: “We launder dirty clothes, not dirty money.” And a 2019 movie titled “Laundromat,” based on a book ‘Secrecy World’ by Pulitzer Prize winning author Jake Bernstein, exposed the byzantine world of money laundering. That’s the insidiously darker [...]

And now it is ‘massive transformation’ in law and order!

And now it is ‘massive transformation’ in law and order!

‘Massive transformation’ of the Criminal Justice System/Law and order is the latest gimmick played on the people. The sale is by Justice Minster Ali Sabry. Law and order reforms have been on the cards since independence. That is now enough, thinks the minister. This is true in a sense. How much reform as such has [...]

How India could win its COVID vaccination race

WASHINGTON, DC – As the world enters the second year of the coronavirus pandemic, vaccination has moved front and centre in policymakers’ responses. But while vaccines offer the surest way out of the crisis, countries are approaching them in different ways. Some are racing to vaccinate their populations, while others await longer-term efficacy data before [...]

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