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Creating a revolutionary wave in local start-ups

Creating a revolutionary wave in local start-ups

Randhula de Silva’s philosophy is simply to do what excites you. As Co-Founder and Director of Good Life X, trying new things and pushing boundaries in herself and in others are what have led her to the many roles she plays, rather than following a specific path or ‘career’. While navigating the challenges of demoralising [...]

Love in the time of a pandemic

Love in the time  of a pandemic

Valentine’s Day is here and it is a day dedicated to celebrate your loved ones. Today is the day that you can unabashedly spoil, shower and express how much you love someone without others being cynical about it. In a way to recognise the turbulent year that one has had to go through with an [...]

Are you missing those red flags?

How healthy is your relationship? This Valentine’s Day, take some time to talk to your partner, to understand each other’s needs and wants, likes and dislikes, and together, agree on how you want your relationship to be. Relationships are hard work. True as this may be, there could be indicators that your relationship may have [...]

Stay home or go virtual, but make it special

Although it is safe to be celebrating Valentine’s Day out in public as long as health guidelines are strictly followed, people still may be reluctant to go out in the middle of a pandemic. Here are some sweet date ideas that you can do with your partner in the comfort of your own home or [...]

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