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Expressing herself through words and melodies

Expressing herself through words  and melodies

The ability to understand the beauty in every moment, and the importance of each lesson, has been an exciting aspect in Shehara Jayatilaka Napoleon’s musical journey. From having to learn new skills to building a brand from virtually nothing — it took every bit of confidence, courage and a group of wonderful people around her [...]

Is online work-life exhausting you?

Is online work-life exhausting you?

Focus and productivity You won’t be sneaking to your social media, or lose yourself in a link you found online about ‘15 habits of highly productive people’ while doing work once these apps are activated. Ever catch yourself faking excuses for joining late for a meeting? Or scrolling through Instagram when you are supposed to [...]

In depths of pandemic, one fashion designer turns hand to being a movie director

PARIS (Reuters) – French fashion designer Julien Fournie first learned to wield a pair of scissors, then to design a dress on an iPad. Now, the global pandemic has forced him to pick up a new skill – as movie director. Paris Haute Couture Week is normally a riot of runway shows where the fashion [...]

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